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Oceania’s past & future depends on us now

Critical issuesYAMIN KOGOYA

CANBERRA - The original sovereign nation of tribes, clans and families across Oceania are at a crossroads.

Many old people are dying without transferring their languages and knowledge of the ancient spiritual world to the younger generations.

The young people are being drugged at an unprecedented rate through all kinds of modernity.

Their ancestral communal land and forests are being bought and sold by highly organised multinational corporations, foreign aid and NGOs.

Western and Asian countries continue to view Oceania as their playground – a vacant region where they establish their military bases and engage in economic exploits.

Oceania is still to this day being held hostage by colonial institutions and political propaganda; our children taught to think less of themselves and to distance themselves from their first nation identities.

In Oceania, development is a new code word used for domination.

It is assumed that foreign-engineered development programs will solve the problems of our region; however Oceania’s problems are not development problems.

The critical issues facing the indigenous people are related to the annihilation of their cultural identities, languages, rituals and customs, the loss of sacred, ancestral homelands, and the threat to the survival of future generations.

The fundamental doctrine underpinning the whole development enterprise is to reshape the first nation people into ‘civilised’ imagery – fit them into the modern colonial image.

We have been told to covet this ideal image – the very same image that is destroying our culture and family. It is a psychological scam designed to distract us – a wild goose chase for us to embark on, whilst our countries are degraded and our dignity stolen.

This spiritual war is waged to attack the spirit that keeps us connected to our traditions and ancestors; this is an existential war not a developmental one.

The entire idea of ‘third world’ is a state of mind instilling the notion that colonised people will never be complete and happy until they change to fit the image of the ‘first world’.

The dichotomy of ‘third world’ versus ‘first world’ – bad versus good – is created, controlled and marketed by the Western world for its own benefit.

The creation of modern geographical boundaries and the institutions in the land of sovereign nation tribes in Oceania fundamentally violate the original lore of the land.

These economic, political, educational and other institutions exist solely to serve the interests and agenda of colonisers: to absorb the original people and appropriate their ancestral lands for material gain.

Terminologies such as West Papua, Papua New Guinea, Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, South Sea Islander and so on represent an illegal renaming of ancient peoples by projects committed to domination, power and control.

The depth of this propaganda of developed versus undeveloped deeply influences the way we perceive reality, and has been normalised so we accept it as objective and universal truth.

This is the crux of the tragedy which the first nation people of Oceania face every day.

How much longer can we endure this lifestyle of destructive, machine-based, material progress?

Sadly, this decision is not in the hands of the tribes, clans and families of Oceania. The super-power countries control this game of destruction and domination.

After enduring 500 years of Western domination, the world has begun to show signs of internal sickness; there are signs of an impending collapse of society.

There seem to be other forces at play which still cannot be accurately determined.

It feels like something inside of us, inside the human spirit and psyche, is dying, and something else is being incubated for future birth. There is an uneasy premonition about the future of humanity.

It is hard to focus on the future when we are scrambling to protect our past and define our present. We, the sovereign nation of tribes, clans and families in Oceania are losing our ancient spirituality, cultures and knowledge.

To me, saving our spiritual cosmology and languages has become a significant duty. The current generation is the portal to the world of our ancestors and the future world of generations to come.

What happened in the past and what will happen in the future depends on what happens now.

The contamination of the soul of modern man is so insidious that a complete redemption of spirit, mind and body is required to restore the dignity of humanity.

External, man-made institutions will not be able to cure this sickness because it is not external itself. It is an anthropological sickness. To cure it, modern man needs a shift from a material-based view of the cosmos to a spiritual one.

Despite scientific and technological advance, the modern human is plagued with drugs, corruption, alienation, depression, anxiety, existential crisis, suicide, pandemic and cultural war.

There is no antidote at the pharmacy, university or shopping mall; neither will we find it by acquiring riches and power. These are just temporary reprieves.

To cure the sickness creeping into our core, we must look further into the deep, existential void created by machines and technology.

Our ancestors had strong values prior to colonisation, but these structures collapsed.

New materialist, machine-man has dominated the world pushing natural man to the brink of extinction.

Machine-man has conquered the spirit of natural man.

Natural man can only hope to regain consciousness by detoxification, healing and redemption.

Human beings are value-driven creatures. Our values determine our perceptions and our behaviour. When that system collapses or collides with other stronger value systems, society faces calamity.

Right now in Oceania, we are living amidst the collision.

Our situation is not viable for the survival of our millennia of ancestral history, and the millennia to come.

What we do today determines whether the past and future will survive.


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Sarah Haoda

Insightful essay. Humanity is trapped in a space, time and culture created by themselves.

As for the indigenous cultures, there needs to be a coordinated effort to write and record the tumbuna ways, and have them included in the early childhood curriculum. Speaking for PNG in particular.

Philip Fitzpatrick

"After enduring 500 years of Western domination, the world has begun to show signs of internal sickness; there are signs of an impending collapse of society".

This is not a feeling confined to the so-called third world. It is something that is felt by many in the first world.

It feels like we are trapped on a disintegrating planet.

This is a masterful essay and it should be read alongside the recent discussion on this blog about the loss of culture in PNG.

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