Our soldiers need uniforms, food & more
Attenborough’s grim vision of our future

Ridiculous Twisticulous Politiculous

Corruption (Wasas LinkedIn)JIMMY AWAGL

Mandated politicians surging
In desperate quest for power
Conditioned by greed for money
Demeaning their role as leaders

Spinning like mad wheels
Slithering like bad eels
Stomachs filled with beer
and flaps, the food of politicians

Luring fame for gain
Unlawful and ridiculous
Bending and twisticulous
Only for personal interestious

Hardly find leadership in politicians
But plenty of millionaires
Skilled in the arts of manipulation
Knowledgeable on hijacking process

Learned in caging the people’s voice
Well able to rob the people’s services
Wholly embraced in the name of self-interest
The people’s interest nowhere to be seen

PNG - home of power hungry politicians
Building their wealth on the people’s backs
The masses cry for better everything
But only to be got by the politician


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Jimmy Awagl

So much gratitude for the insightful remarks.

Gerard Dogimab

Aha, nice one tru.

Lindsay F Bond

More please. Word wrangling delight. Truths may follow.

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