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Loss of an outstanding leader: Sir Mek dies at 74

Sir Mekere Morauta
Sir Mekere Morauta - "Your People Mourn"


NOOSA – The Rt Hon Mekere Morauta KCMG (popularly known as Sir Mek), Papua New Guinea’s prime minister from 1999-2002 and regarded as one of its greatest constitutional and economic reformers, has died from cancer in Brisbane aged 74.

His wife, Lady Roslyn Morauta, released a brief statement saying, “It is with the deepest sadness that Roslyn and James Morauta announce that their much loved husband and father, Sir Mekere Morauta KCMG, died peacefully in Brisbane on Saturday 19 December”.

He was born in 1946 at Kukipi village in Gulf Province, his father Councillor Morauta Hasu a leader of the Toaripi people and deacon of the London Missionary Society (later the United Church).

In 1970 Sir Mekere was the first economics graduate from the University of Papua New Guinea and by  1975 had become the first Papua New Guinean head of the finance department, a position he held for seven years.

Lady Ros and Sir Mek  Goroka  September 2010
Lady Ros and Sir Mek,  Goroka,  September 2010

He became managing director of the PNG Banking Corporation (1983–92) then governor of the Bank of PNG, the country’s central bank. 

He retired in 1994 to become a successful businessman, handing over the businesses to his wife, Roslyn to run for and win the seat of Moresby North-West in national parliament. He held the seat across the 23 years from 1997-2012 and 2017-20.

After becoming prime minister in 1999, Sir Mekere embarked on an urgent and ambitious period of reform.

At the time the PNG economy was on the brink of collapse, with government finances in disarray and a spiralling currency.

He devised and led a rescue package which stabilised the economy and the budget, strengthened state institutions and introduced major reforms to the financial sector, especially in banking and superannuation, and to the public sector.

Constitutional changes were introduced which brought political stability and laid the foundation for the orderly development of political parties.

His death has sparked much grief amongst people in PNG and abroad.

“Much of what we have today in PNG government institutions was from Sir Mek. He was our reformist leader and we will surely miss his leadership,” said Gibson Holemba. “What a leader!”

Rebecca Kuku said he will be “remembered for undertaking many legislative reforms and policy outcomes.”

Mekere-MorautaAustralian research scientist and director of the Burnet Institute, Professor Brendan Crabb AC, wrote: “This is terribly sad. Deepest sympathies to you, Lady Ros, from your Pacific family.

“I have known Sir Mekere for most of my life. He was a great and exceptionally smart leader, a great Papua New Guinean and a kind and gentle person. He will be missed deeply by millions.”

Noted PNG commentator Martyn Namorong  said Sir Mekere was “one of the greatest Papua New Guinean statesmen, reformers and nation builders. Thank you for your service to this nation.”

While Bethanie Harriman said simply, “Your people mourn.”


Funeral and haus krai arrangements for Sir Mekere

Lady Roslyn Morauta and James Morauta have advised that a funeral service for their late husband and father, Rt Hon Sir Mekere Morauta, will be held in Brisbane at St Mary’s Anglican Church, Kangaroo Point, on Wednesday 23 December at 2pm.

It will be live-streamed on, for family and friends in Papua New Guinea.

Owing to Covid-19, it is not possible to arrange an official haus krai at this time.

However arrangements are being made for a memorial service in Port Moresby once travel circumstances permit and family matters are completed in Australia. The service will take place early next year.

Should there be an unofficial haus krai, Lady Roslyn and James ask that no donations be made.


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Philip Fitzpatrick

Sometimes I really enjoy the Freudian slips that appear in the comments section of PNG Attitude, although I'm not immune to making them myself.

Corney's reference to the "hollowed" grounds of the PNG parliament tickled my fancy.

I suspect that he meant "hallowed" but upon reflection "hollowed" works just as well even though the meaning changes significantly.

Parliament as hollow ground sometimes seems spot on the mark.

Corney Korokan Alone

Our unfettered respect and tribute to one of the remarkable architects of beloved Papua New Guinea as a nation state.

His body must find his resting place in the hollowed grounds of Papua New Guinea's National Parliament grounds in Waigani.

Our leaders and family members must make sure that happens.

I have held different opinions on approaches to certain developments in the country when it meant equitable and sustainable benefits for national economic security interests thereof.

Many thanks and gratitude to Sir Mekere Morauta's leadership when and where it mattered.

Thank you. May he rest in eternal peace.

Philip Kai Morre

Sir Mekere Morauta was a transparent politician and an icon of the common people. May God grand him eternal peace.

Bernard Corden

My late brother who assisted with the initial establishment of the PNG Investment Corporation was frequently critical of many PNG politicians but he often praised Sir Mek as a genuine leader.

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