History beckons again for Papua New Guinea
PNG leaders, you have the clearest choice

This Fight is Yours

Marvin-Hagler-V-Alan-Mint Guardian)TATTIANA ABOLA

The battle seems a losing one
Your opponent tough and strong
You feel afraid, tense, and tremble
Surveying his massive frame

At the back of your mind you’ve lost
It gives not a chance of winning
Are you so weak, or what is this?
Why you're here, and why this fear?

The crowd is cheering for the champ
No one shouts for you
It’s time for battle, but in your head
The echoes say 'not you'

Dread and doubt flood in
Trembling at what might come
Your emotions about to spew
Sweat and fear companions now

The first round went your opponent’s way
But the battle isn’t over yet
This is not the end, there’s more
To be stronger, to overcome

The next round comes quickly
It’s tougher, but still you stand
Your weaknesses now exposed
But you hold on holding on

You give your best, complete the round
Your strength is painful and dying
But you won’t go down without a fight
And now the fight is you

You don’t want to show defeat
You’re weak but act you’re strong
You have a goal, a dream to match
This fight is not just for you

It’s for your country also 
Recall those sacrifices made
And all the struggles faced
You must now allow defeat

Keep the strength you have, dig deep
Hold on tight to a little spark of hope
Appear strong, weakness concealed
Confuse your opponent, bluff

Caged behind your guard
Keep things firm and tight
Focus on the need to win
Gathering your strength again

Give it your best shot now
Be determined, persevere
Ha, your opponent staggers
This fight is truly yours

Edited by Andrew Molen & Keith Jackson


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John Tape

I personally feel this poem is mainly for the government team headed by James Marape.

Hold on until the fight is over for the good and future of this great nation.

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