Ambulances under threat as money runs out
Covid days: the poetry of the pandemic

When the flame kisses the earth

Lake Murray dawn  PNG (Ian-Lloyd-Neubauer)
Lake Murray dawn PNG (Ian-Lloyd-Neubauer)


Heavenly lights subside in the sky
As the glow of the flame arrives
Kissing the soft dew settled on leaves
As the beauty of a new day appears

Observe this time passing your eyes
This time that dictates your life
Either to rise or fall; succeed or fail
It’s the time flame that dominates earth

Beneath it a portrait of true majesty
That nature created for our content
Created us too, for ill or for good
There are two sides to every coin

Life’s rewards also depend on device
For sheer beauty cannot buy life
Nor can money, but they’re complements,
Beauty, currency and device

And the beauty of the sun is ours to keep
Bestowed to bring light to our lives
Its rays conferred without a price
To keep our hearts at peace

So our journey rotates around this sun
And our lives align with its rhythm
From young at heart to old and spent
We’re OK when the flame kisses the earth


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Jimmy Awagl

Lindsay, every of your words are solacing and thought provoking, so much gratitude.

Lindsay F Bond

Jimmy's words align with enlightened appreciation by himself and for enriching awareness not solely in the diurnal.

Every leaf that grows, receives and fuels by photons, energy for its individual flora (plant).

Every poem we encounter, conveys connections neurally, an exciting individual effort.

Jimmy Awagl

So much gratitude, Michael Dom for your thoughtful remarks.

Michael Dom

That's a very pleasant poem Jimmy and skillfully written.

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