Fat cat probe saluted, with a warning
Chimbu peoples uneven & constant rise

Fear is a toxin


Fear is a toxin,
A venom that infests,
shutting out enrichment,
Causing huge ill

Fear is a toxin,
Like Halloween witches
compromising courage,
Shutting out light

Fear is a toxin,
Sucking like a leech
draining plasma that wanes,
Causing dire dread

Fear is a toxin,
Maligning optimism,
and weakening emotion,
Embracing feebleness

Fear is a toxin,
Besieging the valour
and crushing the nerves,
Excelling only in panic

Fear is a toxin,
Sapping all confidence
then suffocating the mind,
That writhes as a dying frog

Fear is a toxin,
Leprously contaminating,
all along its trail,
Until it defeats your spirit


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