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Kramer’s Allegiance Party shoots for 2022

Bryan Kramer & police
Bryan Kramer

| The Kramer Report

PORT MORESBY -The Allegiance Party headquarters, located in downtown Port Moresby, will open on 16 February 2021.

It is the first of four regional officers the party, established three years ago, will open in 2021.

The Allegiance Party launched its first membership drive in August 2018. In less than one month, more than 10,000 people subscribed to become members.

We were overwhelmed by public interest and took a responsible decision to suspend further party membership until our administration was in place to meet the demand.

Since that time, we have focused on building an administrative back office robust enough to properly serve our grassroots support and membership base.

In 2021, the Allegiance Party will launch a volunteer program starting in the National Capital District to deliver to our membership and community support base in preparation for the 2022 elections.

The Allegiance Party will ensure the voice of the people is heard in the fight against corruption.

We are committed to bringing good governance, accountability and transparency, improved law and order, better employment opportunities, lower taxes and access to quality services to all Papua New Guineans.

Get ready to join us in the fight for a better future.


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Martin Bagiom

I am not sure whether Mr Kramer will be voted back as the Member for Madang Open in the coming general election.

It's become obvious that he is losing people's favour and it's not like before.

All that the people of Papua New Guinea have been hoping and praying for will have been in vain.

Benny Panti

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Justice Minister Hon Brian Kramer is a man of courage who is fighting corruption while others are not by his side.

I believe in solidarity which is one of the values/qualities to fight the ongoing malpractice at all levels of the political, economic and private sectors (and maybe churches as well).

We must learn to live together or perish together as fools.

Bill Urukapi

I'm a very strong supporter of what Hon Bryan Kramer stands for and his political party's development policies.

In order for us to realize these policies we need like minded candidates like Bryan Kramer to be elected to the parliament in the 2022 national election.

Therefore, I would like to express, my interest for the Moresby North East seat in 2022. Will the Allegiance Party to consider endorsing me as its official candidate.

I will provide my profile & would appreciate if someone from the party could respond to my EOI.

God bless one & all.

Kela Kapkora Sil Bolkin

What are you talking about, Mr Kramer?

You had been very vocal on the opposition bench. Then the opportunity came and you served as Police Minister - and did not sieve the corrupt fat cats through the criminal justice system.

Now, you are Justice Minister and the ICAC has no development budget under your leadership.

So again the people will be deceived with gimmicks that the Allegiance Party has to form the next government to fight corruption.

Verbal diarrhoea, monia lusim.

Enoch James Enisi Napoleon

We need God fearing people like you for his glory.
Let Gods law be paramount in the lives of people under your leadership in the lives people.

I pray that my people Kiriwina Good enough should have a God fearing member like you.

Cheers continue the good work our King have best ore upon your life .

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