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The dog that took over my abode

Nebula and family
Nebula and her new family members. Nebula found an inconvenient place to give birth

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LAE - Two years ago, my son’s dog-daughter, Nebula, ‘adopted’ me as her human parent.

She seemed to claim me even more after he left to join the army last year and I became full-time parent, or Nebula adopted me as full time parent, whatever.

Basically, I had no choice. I was forced into parenting a dog, that’s the bottom line.

She is adorable, yet clingy. Most times she gets judged according to human standards by the boys on the block.

Then they get scolded by me for being perched so far up on the human moral and ethical pedestal that they can’t see that a dog acts on instinct .… and loves unconditionally. Important.

Nebula, according to the boys, is in a class of her own. A princess and not fit for the male block dogs that breach territorial boundaries in search of female companionship.

There was a security breach in 2019.

And there was another security breach a few months ago. Nebula was impregnated. (We still don’t know the father).

But long story short. While I was working on putting together media content on Josephstaal, the New Year and Sir Mek’s funeral, Nebula gave birth to five tiny puppies.

I had gone to my block to give a few packets of nails to the carpenter working on my house when my younger brother came to me and said, “Nebula karim puppy insait lo tent blo yu na mipla no rausim em yet.” [‘Nebula’s given birth to puppies inside your tent and I haven’t ejected her yet’]

Facepalm! Why?

Nebula hadn’t seen me for days. She was overjoyed as she welcomed me, oblivious to the fact that I would have to evict them from my tent, and reclaim my boarding rights.

This included getting rid of my extended dog family including five great-grand-dog-sons and daughters. If there is such a definition in human-dog family relationships. I don’t know.


I have not issued an eviction notice yet. I’m not as heartless as the National Housing Corporation.

I will find a box for them and place them in it. Then, wash and disinfect my tent, my bedroll and my mat.

For those of you wondering why I live in a tent, the short answer is house under construction.

A tent is better than a mosquito net. Nebula thinks so too. But she is getting the boot. Soon.


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Hazel Kutkue

"I'm not as heartless as the National Housing Cooperation!" Nice shot😅
I have owned 5 dogs and all of them got stolen.. One sadly died. A good story!

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