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Toroama takes government to the people

Kaybing - Toroama speaks at mic
President Toroama speaking at the first Bougainville cabinet meeting held in a rural area

| Office of the ABG President

TONSU – In a first-time initiative yesterday, the Bougainville Executive Council convened for the first time outside the capital, Buka.

The full cabinet met in the Tonsu constituency on Petatz Island as part of president Ishmael Toroama’s policy of bringing governance structures to the people.

“This will allow the average Bougainvillean in rural communities to interact with leaders and see for themselves how government decisions are made,” he said.

“For the people to appreciate the government they need to hear, see and feel how the highest echelons of Bougainville’s political leaders work towards developing the region.

“This is also one way of independence readiness through direct engagement with the communities by the ABG leadership to encourage and motivate the people.”

President Toroama added that plans are underway to hold cabinet meetings throughout the region in North, Central and South Bougainville.

In Tonsu, the president was guest of honor at the Poka Youth Summit where he said his presidency is not limited to the functions of the government but includes the people exercising social responsibility.

“Bougainvilleans must move away from the dependency syndrome that has plagued the region since the end of the conflict 20 years ago,” president Toroama said.

Kaybing - Toroama looks on“The failure of the previous government is the main reason why the people have been conditioned to think and act in a manner that forgoes innovation and creativity.”

But above all, president Toroama added, inculcating Christian principles and values will set Bougainville on the right path to achieve its ultimate political future.

Since taking office three months ago, the Toroama administration has been laying the foundations for a more pragmatic approach to socio-economic and political revitalisation of the province.

In his first 100 days, president Toroama launched several development projects that align with his six point strategy.


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