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David Kitchnoge top
David 'Kitch' Kitchnoge - news of his appointment to a top PNG financial post brought joy to social media

| Nambawan Super

PORT MORESBY - Chairman of Nambawan Super, Reg Monagi, has announced that David Kitchnoge, a sometime contributor to PNG Attitude, has been appointed Chief Investment Officer, the fund’s top investment job.

‘Kitch’ Kitchnoge is a well-respected and experienced investment professional with nearly20 years’ experience in PNG’s financial sector.

He is of East Sepik and Morobe descent, describing himself as a teacher’s son who knows what superannuation means for members.

He said the opportunity to protect and grow essential retirement savings for everyday Papua New Guineans is both humbling and satisfying.

The announcement of Kitchnoge’s appointment went viral on social media with the statement reaching more than 40,000 people and generating an astonishing 8,500 engagements.

Until he joined Nambawan Super four years ago he had built his career with the multinational Deloitte and Kina Funds Management, the investment managers for Nambawan Super.

“Nambawan Super’s chief investment officer is a big job,”Mr Monagi said.

“It’s responsible for a growing pool of capital invested in assets worth more than K8 billion.

“They are the savings of the more than 200,000 members of the fund who expect their retirement savings to grow.

“I am confident David is ready for the role and this important position in PNG’s financial sector.”

Mr Monagi thanked Dominic Beange who has worked for the fund for the past two and half years, initially as a consultant before being appointed chief investment officer.

“Dom has been actively working to upskill investment professionals in PNG during his time with the fund.

“He won’t be leaving Nambawan Super yet, but has committed to stay on as a senior investment consultant providing important legacy knowledge and ongoing expertise and support, to ensure a smooth transition.”


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