‘Gestapo tactics’ against deported Fiji uni boss
My first return to Papua New Guinea 4

Little But Lethal

Bullet-icon-vectorstockDAVID KASEI WAPAR

That’s what a bullet is;
It does not discriminate.
With a little ‘click’
And a life, it terminates

It’s a ‘little devil’
That sets people apart
Causing immeasurable trouble
Breaking many hearts.

Gunpowder encased in bronze.
Cut nice with a pointed tip
So that it could easily destroy
Whatever or whoever it is.

That’s a bullet’s ultimate purpose;
To leave no man standing
As it inexorably hits and pierces
The vulnerable human body.

A soft flicker on the trigger
And a body hits the pavement.
The deceased didn’t even tussle
With that bloody heartless gunman.

It’s little but lethal
With a pull of the trigger
Miss or hit there’s no retrieval
You only have to stay clear.


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