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Sonet 27: Sana, Bikman, Lida


English translation follows

O Sana, bai mi tok wanem, Bikman
Anutu tasol save gut long yu
Kamap bilo yu na taim bilo go daun
Em iet i makim pinis laip bilong yu

Papa blo mi iet luksave long yu
Tasol mi bikhet olsem ol wel pik
Na kros pait long laik bilong Anutu
Mi sot long pasin blong yu na wokmak

Ating narapela bai inapim
Pasin na wokmak bilong yu, Sana
Nau mi wari long bai yumi lukim
Dispela wanbel pasin blong Lida

Sapos bel tingting istap wantaim yu
Papua Niugini bai kamap strong tru

Sonnet 27: Sana, Bigman, Leader

O Sana, what can I say, Bigman
God alone knows you through and through 
The time of your rise and of your fall
He alone had marked the span of your life

My own father gave recognition to you
But I was big headed like a wild pig
I was angry against the will of God
I cannot match your ways or your works

Perhaps someone else may match
Your ways and your works, Sana
Now I am worried if we will ever see
This unifying way of a Leader

If our feeling and thought is one with yours 
Papua New Guinea will become a strong country


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Stephanie Alois

The grand chief was indeed a man of honour and his legacy will live on for all ages to come.

Let us hope there will be more upcoming leaders like him.

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