Sana - You Shone as the Morning Star
Queensland fear over Covid threat from PNG

God had a spear, his name was Sana

Michael Somare at Sogeri National High School  1963
Michael Somare at Sogeri National High School, 1963


PORT MORESBY - A champion of freedom. A man of his time, 50,000 years in the making. A man destined to preserve the dignity of a free people: a thousand primitive tribes.

Innocent, bright eyed; we blinked in the Stone Age and happened in the Modern Era.

Our forefathers could not have prepared us for this. How could they?

But God had a spear – Michael Thomas Somare was your name. SANA. Peacemaker.

Warrior pride was your inspiration. Proud. Unrepentant. Resilient.

Warrior spirit was your strength. Clear eye. Level head. Steadfast to your mission.

Chiefly heart was your power. Gentle. Humble. 

Melting tribal boundaries, shifting allegiance to a one nation, a one PNG.

Like a pukpuk, you sought no approval for our existence.

Like a kumul, you sought no permission to dance.

Like a kwila, you flourished despite the sharp axe of loggers.

With vision of a challenging future, you secured our freedom.

Sana SomareA chief looks beyond today and thinks of tomorrow. A warrior fights for the future. A father plants the fruit tree that will feed the unborn.

Truly you are the Grand Chief.

In your death, we glimpse your vision. In your death, we catch your dream.

As one nation we raise our voices with conviction: “O arise all you sons of this land, let us sing of our joy to be free…….”

Our obligation now is to your dream. Because you believed in us; your sons will arise.

We salute you Papa Somare. We thank you for securing our freedom.


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