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‘I had Covid, stop knocking the vaccine’

Gary Juffa
Oro Governor Gary Juffa - "For me Covid-19 is real. I should know. I had it"


ORO PROVINCE - Here is a poignant piece for all. For me Covid-19 is real. I should know. I had it.

And no, it's not just another flu. Two million people have died worldwide.

I know people who have died from it. I know people who have lost their loved ones. It is no joke.

There are many people who are against vaccinations based on misinformation and disinformation.

Yet the entire world, including nations who often disagree on everything, are for once in agreement on this.

There is Covid-19 and it kills. Their people need protection.

So nations will develop vaccines and they will vaccinate.

The front liners are at greatest risk; the elderly are at greatest risk.

I am taking the vaccine because I care for many elders and I love them.

I could not bear the thought of them getting Covid-19 and dying.

If you don't want to be vaccinated that's fine, but please don't stop those people who need it from getting it.

Rawali Bokuik writes….

One of my sons asked me when the vaccines are coming and when they will be available to everyone.

You see, my son is asthmatic. My last son is a special needs person.

The threat of death by Covid-19 is very real for my family because of these underlying conditions with two of my sons.

You have the choice not to be vaccinated, but please don't push that choice on others like my sons who are willing to be vaccinated.

And as much as I respect your choice, please respect ours.

God bless.


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Michael Dom

A long read.

"How many people has the coronavirus killed?"

Bernard Corden

I am sure Covid-19 is as real as industrial diseases such as mesothelioma and silicosis and the following:

a) Chinese melamine contaminated baby food scandal
b) Thalidomide (CIBA and United Distillers)
c) Pardue Pharmaceuticals and the Sackler Family US opioid crisis
d) Johnson and Johnson talcum powder contaminated with asbestos,%20Life%20imprisonment%20%204%20more%20rows

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