Everything changes but nothing changes
God had a spear, his name was Sana

Sana - You Shone as the Morning Star

Papua New Guinea's leaders in 1973 - Thomas Kavali, Michael Somare, Julius Chan and John Guise


Chief Mark Tonar is a former kiap from the United Nauro Gor community in the Kundiawa-Gembogl area of Simbu. He is also a former Pangu Pati Simbu branch secretary (1982-1992). He has fond memories of meeting the late Grand Chief Somare during Pangu Party conventions – Sil Bolkin

Somare son of Somare
Sana son of Sana
Shone like a morning star

Leader of the Sepik
From East to West
and Coast to Coast
Leader of Papua Niugini
From Highlands to Islands
The Protector of the Motherland

Somare son of Somare
Sana son of Sana
Pillar of a new dawn

Chiefs of Chiefs
Of the island of Niugini
Leader of Leaders
Of the People of Papua

Somare son of Somare
Sana son of Sana
A centurion in the night

Father of a thousand tribes
Father of diverse languages and culture
Father of the land of the Unexpected

Somare son of Somare
Sana son of Sana
Fearless Melanesian Seafarer

Courage the power of wisdom
Peace the power of charisma
Unity through power of love

Somare son of Somare
Sana son of Sana
Stately as the Kumul

Rest in Eternal Peace
In the home of your fathers
Live in harmony
With the Chosen Ones

Somare son of Somare
Sana son of Sana
Borne the constitution and
Equally held the decrees of time immemorial

Goodbye and farewell Grand Chief
Lest we forget you
Until we meet again
At the altar of Heaven


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