Decolonisation & the changing of our names
Now here's something: Writing as therapy

The Irate Adolescent

Irate adolescentRAYMOND SIGIMET

The mountain stream is young and sometimes reckless
From a tiny trickle, vexed and irritated, looks for outlet

After the rainbow when the storm rests up on the hills
He rushes down ravines and gullies, his fist full of water

This irate adolescent behind cover of the storm and bush
Surges down knocking and swiping at rocks, soil and roots

The canopy of vines, ferns, branches and leaves tremble 
While boulders strain, pebbles roll and grind in his path

He takes everything to the sea and leaves them there
And goes back, a spoilt child, without care or remorse

It is the sea that comes up after the damage is done
To smooth over the sand and make everything new


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Michael Dom

Sounds about right.

Raymond Sigimet

Michael, there's an old saying from people along the coast. I'll put it in Tok Pisin.

"Wara, em bikhet man. Solwara, em gutpla man. Solwara, taim em bagarapim ples, em yet bai stretim ken."

KJ translation (not nearly as lyrical as the original) - 'The river is arrogant. The sea is a friend. Even when the sea causes havoc, it makes things right again.'

Michael Dom

Hi Raymond, if you had named the irate young river in this piece I think the poem would express more personality.

Clearly you've witnessed this river and know it well enough.

Also the name of the seashore where the river unleashes its fury and the sea levels the jetsam without even straining.

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