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The Perpetual Tears of Hela

Tears of HelaKOIVI R BIWA

Once no cries were heard nor bitter tears shed,
This time when ancients and babes mingled calm,
Love and respect were their constant companions,
When no one stood bewildered by enmity or anger

But it happened that the tuneful war cries sounded,
Heard, known, accepted by all far and near,
Wigmen danced fluidly to the beat of the kundu,
Warrior elegance betrayed the combat ahead

The misty crags echoing their voices as one,
But they knew bliss to be imminently broken,
They felt the hope being ripped from the realm
And saw a world emerge that was full of hate

Then the mystic voice heard from Iepa Kulama,
Its spirit enfolding the loops of the earth,
And even its harsh shrieks were not infinite
Some glimpses still there of a blossoming hope

Moments that burst into Spring’s adoration,
A time to embrace an old man’s words,
Not everything now dim misery or mystery
The hope of Hela writ bright on our souls

His every eye seeing the contemptible moments,
His knowing life’s not always impartial and just
But peace and accord exalt in him always, the
God who heeds the perpetual tears of Hela


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Michael Dom

My one grievance is Spring.

Spring is indeterminate in the tropics.


'Moments that burst in a rain-cloud's adoration'


"Moments that burst like the sunshine's adoration'

Philip Fitzpatrick

A very fine poem Koivi - congratulations.

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