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They’re blowin’ smoke up our arses


Yesterday was International Poetry Day and Papua New Guinea’s unofficial poet laureate, Michael Dom, hauled out his trusted, rusted, almost busted Olivetti typewriter to do justice to the occasion with a salute to Bob Dylan’s renowned 1962 protest song, 'Blowin’ in the Wind' - KJ

How many books may a Maserati buy
Before it rusts in a shed
How many crooks make a government bad
Before it gets through our heads
Yes, and how many times may a prime minister lie
Before we know he's a thief
Those politicians are blowin’ smoke up our arses
They're blowin’ smoke right up our arses

Yes, and home many schools may a Maserati fund
Before the end of a year
And how many drugs may be bought instead
Before our people drop dead
Yes, and how many times must we take out loans
Before we sell off our souls
Those politicians are blowin’ smoke up our arses
They're blowin’ smoke right up our arses

(Feel free to ad lib)


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Robert Wilson

Ha Ha HA,! I actually sang along and now cannot get this out of my head. Brilliant!

Stephanie Alois

Buying Maseratis seems more like an exploitation of PNG's wealth than a method of transport. I mean why did the government purchase Maseratis for such a huge amount that in the end led to bankruptcy?

I like the part where it says, "How many times must we take out loans before we sell off our souls".

Just wow!

Michael Dom

Lots of business school graduates and economists about so maybe one of them might help me out.

Here's an estimated current resale value of the Maseratis and Flying Spurs.

Maserati Quattroporte

Depreciated price (59% in 3 years):


Bentley Flying Spur

Depreciated price (38% in 3 years):


Probably less on the Spurs because they're in official use.

Can someone in POM confirm if PM Marape is using a Flying Spur?

Philip Kai Morre

A few days ago I listened to Bob Dylan's song Blowin' in the Wind and it gave me a lot of meaning. The song was translated by Catholics as Christ to All Men, singing the same lyrics. It's a beautiful song that touches our heart and soul.

Michael Dom

Fun fact. Blowing smoke (tobacco) up the arse was a real medical procedure in the 1700's, among other purposes used to revive drowning victims.

It was apparently so common that the equipment was as readily available to emergency kits as a defibrillators, and most people new how to apply it.

There's been some progress.

Bernard Corden

..."and if my thought dreams could be seen, they'd probably put my head in a guillotine but it's alright ma I'm only bleeding" - Bob Dylan

Ian Poole

You're a gem, Sir Michael

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