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A message from the Covid ward

PNG & Australian medical specialists work alongside each other in the Covid response (DFAT)
PNG and Australian medical specialists work alongside each other in the Covid response (DFAT)

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Dr Beena Dagam Kulau is a surgeon at Port Moresby General Hospital

PORT MORESBY - After I fell ill with Covid it came to a point where I could not walk without support and needed to be hospitalised.

What a difficult period it was for my family and I as, at the same time I was admitted, a loved one was also admitted, but to the general ward.

What an experience the 12 days brought.

When I arrived in the emergency Covid ward, the patient next to me died.

When I turned to the other side, a young man was struggling to breathe. All around patients with oxygen were struggling.

When I arrived in the ward, I could hear people struggling to breathe, people crying for help, families crying for loved ones, monitors going off, nurses doing vigorous chest physiotherapy and I was thinking ‘could I be next’.

It was a sad place to be. I am so thankful to God for blessing me with my family and friends who supported me during this time.

All your prayers, well wishes, rescues, music, food and supplies, flex etc, all contributed to my recovery.

I received support from all over the country, across the Pacific, New York, Poland, Brissie, Melbourne, Sydney, Malaysia and I am so thankful.

For the Kulau family what a difficult period this was. Thank you so much for the love and support.

The support helped pull  me out of a dark place mentally which helped me heal. Faith must be greater than fear. Psalm 23 was and is my comfort.

There’s a lot of criticism about what actually happens in these facilities but what I have seen is beyond commitment.

Health workers sacrificing themselves and their families to serve our people.

Tireless  shifts in personal protective equipment, sweating, changing oxygen cylinders continuously throughout the day and night, just to mention a few of the things they do.


Never once did I see any one of them lose their cool when patients and guardians panicked or got angry.

All you in the public who are so quick to criticise, yupela no fit lo mekim wok ol sa mekim.

Dr Kari Seki and team, the anaesthetic team of Port Moresby General, Sister Kamlijambi and nurses of the isolation unit, the amazing staff at the emergency department, mad respect for you all.

Thank you for your sacrifice, I just wish the rest of PNG could see what I have seen.

You are heroes in my eyes. Even when I was difficult you were all there, patient with me.

I pray that God protect you all.

Photo Dr Beena Dagam Kulau took from her bed at Port Moresby General Hosptal
Dr Beena Dagam Kulau took this photo from her sickbed at Port Moresby General Hospital

Words  cannot express the gratitude I feel to all who have  been there for me.

Whether it was just a message or well wish, the powerful payers, food and supplies, the love, I will always be forever  grateful.

To the public, I am a doctor and what I've seen is not caused by your regular flu.

Take all precautions, get vaccinated if you can.

I haven't tagged anyone because I'm don’t want to miss out anyone. I know you will all read this.

Psalm 23:4 – ‘Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff  protect me’.

God bless you all and keep you safe.


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