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Latasha Akane
Latasha Akane - "Never stop doing what you’re passionate about. Use your gift to inspire others"

| Ples Singsing

PORT MORESBY - Writing is a hobby of mine and I am passionate about it, although people who know me realise how I can never keep anything short.

But they also know that I willingly compile group assignments, edit people’s work and proofread because I find pleasure in writing.

I wrote short stories as a kid and had them published in Young Life magazine, and I entered a few essay competitions when I was in high school.

But I’d written nothing at the high level as required in the recent Tingting Bilong Mi essay contest organised by the Ples Singsing blog, which I entered over the holidays.

The people behind Ples Singsing are creative and passionate Papua New Guinean writers and I’m glad to have met them.

They determined that the topic for the essay competition should be, ‘Whether or not the PNG government should purchase PNG-authored books’.

In doing so they hoped to gain an insight into the young minds of Papua New Guineans about this and related issues.

The competition ran its course, and truthfully there were some commendable essays produced by brilliant essayists.

The essay contest winners (bearing certificates) and judges Michael Dom, Betty Wakia and Carioline Evari

Although my essay didn’t make it into the top three (although it was short listed in the top nine) I still received a certificate of participation as a consolation prize.

I also was provided by entirely new insights during the panel discussion at the awards ceremony and wisdom on writing that spurs me to continue this wonderful hobby that I enjoy doing.

The recent awards ceremony at the Ribito Restaurant left me completely empowered.

I guess the highlight for me is knowing that the top nine essays including the three winning essays will be compiled into a book and published.

This is very exciting and I am deeply humbled and thankful for such an amazing opportunity.

A word of encouragement to everyone. Never stop doing what you’re passionate about. Use your gift to impact and inspire others.

A big shout-out to all the participants in the contest and to the top nine essayists, organisers, judges, and everyone who read our essays online.

Also a shout-out to the people who responded to my messages and participated in my mini-survey. It was your valuable input that resulted in the successful completion of my essay.


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