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A true musical treat this Easter


NOOSA – Well here’s a pleasant something for Easter. You can read about it just below or listen to it first by linking to it here.

I recommend you listen first.


This 'pleasant something' is a choral collaboration under the guiding hand of my son, Simon, in Auckland, New Zealand.

It features his formidably talented Asia-Pacific work team singing a new song of his own composition, All Together.

The performers are from Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore and New Zealand.

All Together was composed to bring together a talented team of Simon’s work colleagues in Microsoft APAC.

They worked remotely and individually recording instruments and vocals on whatever they could lay their hands on.

Then the performers sent their contributions to be compiled into this terrific collaboration.

“Halfway through I wondered what I’d gotten into,” says Simon.

“But it worked out. Hope you like it. Quite a special project.”

Yep, I like it, and it is very special.

Now, sing along here while you listen to it again.



All Together

Music and lyrics by Simon

Poetry (in Chinese) by Alice

There must be thousands of me
Scattered in each corner of the world
We are separated by time differences
Having different lifestyles
But those differences make a big difference
And let us see more possibilities.

Lyrics by Simon


We're all around the world
But not far apart
We are united
On the same side

From different lives
Through different eyes
We see the same sun
Share one vision

Not travelling alone
Together we get further
Whatever history
When we're one we're free


All together
We are better
We are stronger
With each other
Across the oceans
In our own voice
Singing the same song
All together


Every race
Every tongue
Every culture
Every lover

What I can't do
Somebody can
The more we listen
The more we understand

A perfect recipe
Unique and mixed together
I'm you and you are me
When we're one we're free

Featuring (in order of performance):

Keiichiro (bass)
Angus (drums)
Karen (keys)
Ryota (guitars)


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Simon Davidson

Listened to the music. Amazing music

Robin Lillicrapp


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