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Dobasi Wandkii


Beauty is the word for you, no other can do
I found you somewhere, now I don’t know how,
Your smile, it just made that moment explode
I failed in my choice of the right words for you
Doo dobasi wandkii, oh!

Long lasting nights, full with fragrant dreams
Your countenance lighting my imagination
Your voice feels as gentle as the sweetest of petals
I goose bump all over at the sense of your touch
Ape do dobasi wandkii maa!

Blackish is the pigment that no one can change
Soul bright as dawn embracing your being.
I jangle right through, but you seem so calm
The day is so long, your presence makes it short
Naka Dobasi wandkii yee!

There's an infinite distance, yet feelings so near
Many words spoken, but not enough count
A thousand courteous lines, does any one matter
A million thoughts of love, just how many is that
Ame doo dobasi wandkii oh!

Fury evolves, dissolves, and love conquers all
Patience born in you, while I struggle to be me
No differences we find, our contrasts agreeable
The sun’s always east, and horizons all around
Ape naka dobasi wandkii maa!

BlackishMy past it is mine, but your future is ours
You make me stand lofty, as small as I am
Can I weave you into this tapestry of mine
Of a thousand generations, you are the one.
Amene naka dobasi wandkii oh!

Life can seem listless, but trust keeps me going,
A tunnel seems lightless, until you make it glow
You confident and bold, with a world at your will
Can our faith bind us firm, can it never disappear
Pukii dobasi wandkii hoke!


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Michael Dom

A superbly woven enchantment in this poem, "Beauty is the word for you".

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