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Danger closes in from Covid mutations

My Sister Celest


So I’ve said nothing, nothing at all
about our Celest. Maybe you heard?
My sister’s such a disappointment.
She goes off to school each day
in hope of a future bright and bold,
Then comes home full of complaint
about clothes, stationery, friends, money.

Alas! She spends like a true princess,
my sister, the real live money sucker.
When I offer advice, she seems to listen,
but when out of sight is again Miss Foolish
Then cries because she got all messed up
spoiling things like she’s alone in pain.

Oh, how mother tries to discipline but
my sister soon tires of corrections.
To her it sounds just like harsh reproach.
She believes it’s parenting gone wrong.
Well, now she has a child in her womb.
Father walks around, head held low.
Oh, what a shame, Celest so selfish.


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Dominica Are

Some children seem to know better than their parents. Then they end up in disaster and put more problems on the poor parents. Pasin nogut stret!

AG Satori

Ol lauto papamama no save. Ol toktok bilong ol you I lauto Namba ten. Ol yanpela ya save - save kils long ol ya.

The parents don't know nothing. Their advice is number ten. The young ones know - they have more knowledge than their parents.

Michael Dom

Em tasol ia!

Thank you for taking me somewhere new with Celest.

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