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‘Role model’ Dr Hukula leaves research institute

Dr Fiona Hukula at her farewell
Dr Fiona Hukula (centre) at her farewell

| PNG National Research Institute

PORT MORESBY - The Papua New Guinea National Research Institute (NRI) has farewelled Dr Fiona Hukula, long-serving researcher and advocate against gender-based violence,.

Dr Hukula joined the NRI in 1998 as a project officer and was a senior research fellow and program leader when she left the think tank earlier this month.

Her job also involved working with other government organisations in law and justice, notably as a member and deputy chair of the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission.

NRI acting director Dr Osborne Sanida described Dr Hukula as a role model and ambassador for the Institute.

She was praised for her leadership, mentoring roles and contributions to women’s rights and research into gender-based violence, sorcery-related violence and domestic violence.

Dr Esther Lavu hailed Dr Hukula’s contribution to PNG in the fight against gender-based violence and the protection of vulnerable people in communities.

“She has done a lot for our women and in taking the lead in the fight against abuse at all levels,” Dr Lavu said.

“This has been especially working with partner agencies in pushing the agenda to become policies.

“Now these policies are in use in many organisations, a very rare achievement.”

Dr Lavu encouraged her to continue to drive the agenda across the Pacific region as she moves on to her new job.

Dr Hukula said she was grateful to those people she had worked with and learnt from in her earlier years, especially Dr Thomas Webster, Dr Joe Ketan and Richard Sikani.

“I am so lucky I have been mentored by men all the way. It was a real pleasure working with you all,” she said.


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