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Time to empathise with our Earth

Gary Juffa
Gary Juffa - "We have used our superior intelligence to pursue selfish gain in a shortsighted manner detrimental to our very existence"


ORO - Empathy is a great teacher. Only when you go through a situation experienced by others will you be able to truly empathise and understand what they have gone through.

Well we have a situation happening right now which, to humans and humanity is instructing us like never before.

For so long, too long, we humans have run roughshod over Earth.

We have dug and chopped, fished and overfished, explored and exploited, cleared and mined, poked, bombed and prodded Earth for our own selfish gain.

Leaving behind our true mandate of finding innovative ways to sustain and protect and promote all life, and Earth’s natural systems that ensure life, we have instead used our superior intelligence to pursue selfish gain in a shortsighted manner detrimental to our very existence.

We have totally ignored natural laws and systems.

Indeed we have ignorantly and often arrogantly dispatched other species to extinction with our efforts to satiate our desire for power and individual materialistic gain that is unsustainable, thoroughly shallow and totally stupid.

As we all reel from Covid, we should reflect, as a collective humanity and as individuals, on an intriguing parallel.

How Covid targets our lungs, our breathing apparatus, just as we have targeted the lungs of the Earth and disturbed its breathing apparatus.

What a way to learn, by shutting down our planet even as a virus ties to shut down us.

It seems as if Nature sent one of many of its microscopic agents to remind us of exactly where we are and what we are doing and why we need to stop and take stock of our actions and shape up before we are shipped out.

Ah yes, empathy can indeed be a great teacher. But are we ready to learn the lessons?

Will we stop this greed-infused march to certain doom or will we stop, look at the carnage with shame and remorse, and correct our ways in time to save ourselves?

Only time will tell.

I hope we will act in time.


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John Kuri

Hon Governor, we are privileged to have leaders like yourself who have such vision. The analogy is fitting.

All the resources in the world is fixed. All freshwater, seas, mountains, air, valleys, caves, rivers, plants, animals, iron ore, gold, copper, oil and gas all exist in finite amounts.

Human population is increasing but arable land on the planet earth is fixed.

More often than not, we forget that life itself is a balance. This balance must be maintained if humans are to co-exist with every other creature and ecosystem.

As such we must use these finite resources wisely.

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