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PORT MORESBY - Young Papua New Guinean authors like Glen Burua, Edward E Isouve, Gerard William Ivalaoa and Nigel V Sine are rising to leave a mark for this generation & generations to come.

I am excited, blessed and so humbled to see these young people doing what they love doing – writing and getting published.

In 2006, the former PNG governor general Sir Paulias Matane said I was the youngest and the first religious motivational author from PNG to be published here and overseas.

To date, I have written 20 books and 49 booklets.

I have always have known deep down in my heart that PNG had many talented minds waiting to be unleashed.

But during those past years, I focused only on the publication of my books.

It was only last year that I began to publish other authors under the imprint of Shane Baiva Books. Here are three of those authors.

‘Turning Adversity into Advantage’ by Glen Burua

It was late last year when Glen, 23, approached me to help him publish his first book. Glen shared with me the struggles he had encountered and they were similar to mine in my early years as a writer.

I could feel the pain and struggle he was facing and decided that same night that Glen’s dream of becoming a published author if delayed for a long time would silently die away in the years ahead.

I wanted to make sure to contribute to his success in a small way. So that night I made a decision to help Glen and other liked minded writers rise to the call of writing in a country where the art of writing is a rare thing to find.

‘The Incredible Human Mind’ by Edward Isouve

Since Glen Burua approached me I am so honoured to help publish some fine emerging PNG authors. The publishing industry is a very costly exercise here in PNG but these young authors have not let that stop them from achieving their dream.

They have sacrificially dipped their fingers into their pockets and raised funds to publish their books and done it. I have concluded that they all have one goal and one message and that is ‘nation building’.

‘70 Reminders of Academic Excellence’ by Gerard Ivalaoa

If you get in touch with the authors mentioned here you can purchase their books either for yourself, your family or a friend for a gift.

I assure you, the principles and messages they share in their books will help you live a better tomorrow.

Together we all can inspire people to make a difference for PNG. It’s time for PNG to shine.

Link here to find out more about Shane Baiva and his books


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