No casino - we have enough problems
The Catholic bishops have got it right

Casino is the wrong choice for PNG

The Coral Sea Resort Casino in Honiara

| Social Worker & Addiction Counsellor

PORT MORESBY - Gambling is a disease of addiction that can have every family member suffering from its effects.

Casinos are highly organised gambling. Gambling for corporate profit.

Weighing the human suffering against the profit, we will see that the human suffering will be far greater.

The Papua New Guinea parliament is trying to amend our constitution to make PNG a Christian country. Building a casino does not reflect this spirit of Christianity nor its principles.

Christian principles provide a moral guide to do good and to avoid evil.

A casino will stop gamblers from supporting families and going to church.

The Reef Hotel Casino in Cairns

It is morally wrong to proceed with this enterprise, knowing that a casino is not a business that will benefit the common good.

Prime minister Marape often contradicts himself on such matters, saying one thing and doing the opposite.

Making PNG the richest black nation on the planet or making PNG a constitutionally Christian nation cannot be achieved at the same time that gambling is being promoted.

The government failed in its first bid to take back Porgera mining, suffering greatly when the mine shut down.

It so happened that gold prices were high during Covid-19 and the interruption to the company’s operations caused a great loss that affected government tax revenue.

Some of our members of parliament have erroneous consciences or unscrupulous morality, forcing us to believe that whatever they say is always right.

These men need to examine their consciences and correct their thinking.

Casinos force gamblers into the disease of addiction, a dark place from where there may be no return.


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