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The story of a shot of vaccine

Vaccination-drives-out-coronavirusA G SATORI

PORT MORESBY – After a long while trying to convince other people that it was safe, I could not bring myself around to it.

Jimminy the black grasshopper was there in the back of my brain saying, “Here, just read of another setback of the vaccine in Australia. Never mind that it is one in a million. You could be the next two in two million with the complications”.

Well today at 3 pm Jimminy and I went to the Rita Flynn courts to get my shot. Jimminy was trying to get me out saying there will be a long line, you have nothing to read, people will be fainting, allalla allalla, and so on and on.

So we went there at 3 pm (they took our phones and Jimminy was saying, you see) and I got my first dose at 3.15 pm and my card at 3.30 pm. I got a nice number #1111 for Moresby South.

Oh, the shot is nowhere near as painful as the one on the better posterior. Jimminy was disappointed.

Well now Jimminy and I are going to do some magnetic work. We started by placing the spanner on the shot site near my shoulder.

We’re now going to go watch rugby and see if we survive that. We’ll let you know in the morning if we don't wake up. Yes, if we don't wake up, we'll be waiting to be rebooted.

Jimminy, go to sleep. If not take your umbrella, cap and go - don't forget your coat.

SATURDAY - I woke up rebooted in MSNBC-land listening to Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe talking about vaccinations that were first done in United States since 1814.

Geeweeah, that is some 200 years ago. A lot of time since then. And Joe reads a list of other vaccines that have become part of life.  He read out plenty of names.

It is good that Jimminy is still outside on the kunai, grass surf riding.

I am not a medical person but I understand we have in PNG hospitals that issue, as a right, vaccines for children.

Polio vaccines in PNG are a must but from time to time you see evidence of those people that missed out, not because of anti-vaccine sentiment but because the vaccine was just not available when the child was small.

When you see the results of a missed vaccine manifested later in life, you wonder how it is that, when polio vaccine is said to be must, it is not administered.

I just wish that those folks who get on social media to spew anti-vax diatribes can also take the time to look up polio on Google. 

It is an incurable illness but vaccinations stop it in its tracks. The nurses at the hospital give it out as bebi suts [baby shots] when mama kisim pikinini igo skelim pikinini long hausik or klinik [mothers take babies to be checked at the clinics] that the government goes to great pains to provide.

The internet lists other vaccines that are available and which our nurses have been tasked to administer.

I am educated by this Google knowledge at a press of a button and whooping cough is something that I will demand that the hospital have a cure if not a vaccine for (without me asking about the efficacy of it).

There are vaccines available for tetanus, chickenpox, diphtheria, influenza, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, Hib (haemophilus influenzae type b), HPV (human papilloma virus), measles - 14 of them in all.

I first got wind of this anti-vax sentiment when there was 5G and Bill Gates was said to be ready to introduce one world government – OWG. Bullshit. Then the end of times. Danielic rhetoric spewed by end of times religious doom prophets. 

A fellow worker Facebooked me on it and I told him to destroy his current phone as, no matter how one bandwidth, 3G, 4G, 5G or OWG, whoever was going to force microchips on you, they could already do that with the myriads of personal data that was around already.

It needed no 5G or vaccine shots to introduce OWG. You already have data available on the common roll, at hospitals, at schools, at the payroll office, at banks, at hotels…..

Our everyday movements are monitored by all these transactions that happen on these sites and, if that if not enough, we have hawk-eyed satellites in the sky that don't need your permission to keep an eye on you, even when you sit on the toilet pot and do your poetic thing. 

If the OWG comes, so be it, but in the meantime I need to go to sleep with the assurance that my children are not going to grow up to die in excruciating pain and deformity because I refused them polio shots.

Having had the first shot - the second on 16 June - I am knowing I’m not going to introduce Covid-19 to my friends and workmates, and I will be coming home and to bed knowing I will not introduce Covid-19 to my family. That assurance is making me have a great bel isi [calm].

Hello, oh Jimminy, now what?

What? Jimminy says it’s raining dogs and cats and the Storms, Rabbits and Eels have lost their games.


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