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Popondetta-General-HospitalMICHELLE AUAMOROMORO
| Mim's Diary

POPONDETTA – On Sunday, I was admitted (again) to hospital, this time at Popondetta General Hospital.

I was down with malaria in pregnancy, so to save myself and my seven-month unborn child we were rushed to the hospital as the illness seemed severe. I was discharged on Monday at noon.

Anyway, of all the things that happened while I was there, I want to share this one that I think you all should know.

A hospital is a place where patients go to get treatment. And we have families who go with these patients to look after them. That we all know.

A hospital is a safe place, or it is supposed to be a safe place, for the sick.

Well, while at Popondetta General, I was told that it wasn't safe in the night.

The raskols go inside the wards and snatched bilums, phones and other valuable items from patients and their families.

Inside the wards, can you believe it?

Makes a good gun

They even steal as many drip stands as they can to make homemade guns.

I asked if there were any guards and I was told, yes, there are guards but they're so scared of these raskols they just can't stop them.

Please leaders of Oro, to develop your province start with law and order.

It seems there is no law and order here, especially in your town.

Shops are robbed twice or three times weekly, buses are held up at anytime and anywhere, your general hospital is not safe for patients, families are held up in their very homes, and the list goes on.

Think seriously about what to do to stop these and act now.

To take back Oro, you have to start with law and order.


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