George Orwell, change & the future
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Chris Overland - "The mantra of endless economic growth at all costs is deeply pernicious" (Banksy)


ADELAIDE – It is an especially fortunate state of affairs that the capacity for change lies with us as citizens given the manifest failings of our leaders, most of whom tend to fall short of our hopes and expectations.

History suggests that revolutionary change is impossible until the moment it is inevitable. There usually is a hinge point where this occurs and, right now, we seem to be at such a point.

The manifest failings of neo-liberal capitalism have been vividly on display for some time.

Within its dark heart lies the seeds of much that is wrong in our world, for above all else neo-liberal capitalism promotes self-interest, greed and avarice.

These in turn helps perpetuate the despoliation, exploitation, hypocrisy and lies that are perverting and undermining our democracies.

The same forces are also at work within authoritarian regimes, all of which rely upon the democratic world's venality, greed and stupidity to generate the cash flow that sustains them in power.

Those of us living in the rich world need to understand our wealth is built largely upon the ruthless exploitation of others.

The multinational giants of our time are true predators, driven by the profit motive and unhindered by morality or sometimes even the law.

The mantra of endless economic growth at all costs is deeply pernicious and is, as Michael Dom has noted, causing us to literally eat ourselves.

We no longer live in a sensible relationship with the planet that sustains us.

Covid-19 is a warning to us all that we continue on this path at our mortal peril.

Whether our leaders can recognise and respond to this and other warnings is an open question.

But they certainly will not do so unless and until we tell them, loudly and repeatedly, that things must change.

If they cannot or will not change then we must dispense with their services, preferably by use of a vote but by other means if all else fails.


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