Polye attacks men behind K3b UBS loan
There’s a lot in a name in highlands Melpa

This cannot be what God conceived

Jenelyn Kennedy
Jenelyn Kennedy. "Tell me, Jenelyn, why must love grieve today? / Is there no mercy to grant us reprieve today?


Jenelyn Kennedy. Born, 18 March 2001. Gagged, chained, beaten & tortured by her husband for six days, 18-23 June 2020. Died of head injuries & bruised internal organs caused by blunt force, 23 June 2020, aged 19.

LAE - This is a poem I did not want to share. I am doing so because Jenelyn's story haunts me.

Just nineteen when she died, she was the same age as my baby girl. She was the mother of two infant children.

I am a poet, but I do not know what to say to those children.

God grant them peace and joy. That will be blessing enough. And justice for Jenelyn.


And justice for Jenelyn

Michael Dom

Tell me, Jenelyn, why must love grieve today?
Is there no mercy to grant us reprieve today?

Show me – sweet beauty – how can we trust love again?
When the ones whom we love – hatefully deceive today

What foolhardy hopes had caused you to run away?
Your youthful glee could never have perceived today

Now you have become a perverted Juliet –
DAMN YOU ROMEO! She is decked in wreathes today!

So young, Jenelyn, so much more to have in life –
There is joy, there is peace – but anger seethes today

Where were we when you needed us? Do we ask?
If we had known or imagined – these deeds today?
How the hands which covet may also kill this way
A lover turned torturer – we too bleed today

And amidst this horror – Men – look in the mirror
It is our soul not Jenelyn’s which is bereaved today

One dead daughter, one less wife – we are less one life –
Jenelyn’s – one more statistic bequeathed today

Oh, dear young mother, what do we tell your babes?
What good sermon of peace do they receive today?

Surely it must be some demonic force – I say
This cannot be what God has conceived today?!

I pray for justice, or vengeance, from God Himself!
Culprit husband – thanks to you – I believe today

I am calling my namesake – Michael, Archangel
For loves damned sake, let us your swift sword cleave today!


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John Kuri

A touching piece.

Arthur Williams

Michael's emotional poem reminded me how this horrendous murder is still not at the trial stage.- a year after it happened over several days in a house with witnesses.

Buimo prisoners brought to light the bad justice system of PNG when 179 inmates were detained in prison for over five years with some as long as 10 without trial. How many more in the other jails of PNG?

The cocaine plane crash saga is now 11 months old and being regularly adjourned.

Every year we see pics of a new batch of law graduates from PNG University.

Yesterday we read of how there are 40 vacancies in the Justice department for District Magistrates.

When will someone sort out yet another mess of poor administration and /or ministerial oversight?

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