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Lombrum contract awarded to Australian company

Artist's impression of the site of the upgrade works at Lombrum naval base - more boomerang aid


NOOSA - The Australian government says that Australia and Papua New Guinea’s security partnership has reached an important milestone with a contract for the redevelopment of Lombrum Naval Base awarded to Clough Australia.

According to Australia’s defence department, the contract will strengthen the PNG Defence Force capability to “protect PNG’s borders and maritime resources”.

The joint initiative will also provide greater opportunities for training and joint activities between the PNGDF and the Australian Defence Force.

Construction starts this month and will create 350 jobs in PNG, including 200 on Manus, with opportunities in construction and support industries.

The project is also said to put in K146 million into the PNG economy, although its total value was not revealed.

An Australian government statement said the development demonstrates Australia’s commitment to the Pacific.

The contract covers facilities to support patrol boat operations, working, training and living accommodation for PNGDF personnel, and water, sewerage and electrical generation services.

Source: Australian Department of Defence


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AG Satori

Oh, another boomerang contract - a feel good for DFAT contract - a contract that is all to the fat executives of Clough Australia and very little of which will stay in PNG.

The very little will be the 100 local labour line with 100 security personnel to provide security for the 150 riding on the boomerang.

It obnoxious but what do we do, the ones with the purse dictate.

Bernard Corden

Just take a look at some of the Clough senior executives. and their previous roles with Chicago Bridge & Iron:

CBI eventually merged into McDermott International, which recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US.

McDermott Engineering was heavily involved in the construction of the ill-fated Piper Alpha offshore oil platform:

Due diligence indeed.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Australia's commitment to the Pacific my arse!

It's about kowtowing to the sinophobes, protecting our front door, fighting our battles on someone else's ground and sucking up to the Yanks.

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