PNG just can't handle high-end gambling
Mama Tang (Mother Tongue)

More churches come out against casino

| Kalang FM

PORT MORESBY - Church members of the Body of Christ have joined the Catholic and other churches in expressing great concern about the government’s intention to build a casino in Papua New Guinea.

An agreement was signed last Friday by the National Gaming Control Board and Paga Hill Development for the construction of a casino at the Stanley Hotel in Port Moresby.

According to Board chairman Clemence Kanau, the partnership will also include the development of online betting and a lottery.

Previously, there was a casino planned for Four Mile, but – despite construction reaching an advanced stage - it was never completed.

Representing churches around the country, Reverend Joseph Walters has appealed to the government to reconsider its decision.

Walters said the government’s intention to introduce a casino will have an impact on the lives of ordinary people.

He says gambling comes with many issues, one of which is addiction. In this economic crisis, families will suffer, he said.

A person addicted to gambling uses money unwisely which can cause family units to breakdown.

It is claimed the establishment of the multi-million kina casino will boost tourism and economic activity in the country.


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Gideon Endo

"It is claimed the establishment of the multi-million kina casino will boost tourism and economic activity in the country."

My thought? Total bullshit. Of all the needed basic services that are still lacking in rural PNG, the government decides to build a casino in Port Moresby.

Time is of the essence, in that the government of the day must examine its policies and be realistic in its development agenda.

The future of our children depends on the foundation-choices we make at the present time.

What then is the purpose of a living being? To make money and become rich and famous? No. To be of service to a fellow human being. To depend only on Papa God.

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