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Namah and the ScientistBRYAN KRAMER MP
| Kramer Report

MADANG - While campaigning for his candidate during the Moresby North-West by-election, opposition leader Belden Namah announced he would ensure the Scientist from Madang [aka Bryan Kramer] would not be returned in the 2022 general election.

"My people of Hohola and Moresby North West! Come 2022, I will remove this Scientist from Madang. I will remove him next election. I will finish him!" Namah told the crowd.


So what is Namah's track record when it comes to elections?

In 2017 he endorsed 88 candidates under his PNG Party. Just three won seats.

And they all left him within months of entering parliament.

So how many MPs does Namah have left in his party?

The very short answer is one - himself.

That equates to a success rate of 1 in 88. It appears Namah is hardly an expert when it comes to elections.

Given his claims of expertise in Madang, exactly how did his candidate, Naus Kamal, fare in the last election? A candidate for whom he personally campaigned for in Madang.

In the 2017 election, I finished in first place on 21,248 votes. The runner-up was former MP Nixon Duban on 12,858.

Namah's endorsed candidate finished in 12th place, polling just 842 votes.

While Namah was re-elected in 2017 for Vanimo Green, he polled just 9,242 votes. If I was, Namah I would be more concerned about my own seat.

Now Namah has proclaimed himself an election power player, let's see how well his candidate does in the Moresby North-West by-election.

He says he will remove the Scientist in 2022.

Tasol em mas lus tingting Scientist stap na Gavman na Prime Minister senis. Nogat klostu Opposition Leader na Vanimo Green Memba tu bai senis. Olsem givim tingting tasol.

I think he forgets that the Scientist is in government and the prime minister has changed. Pretty soon the opposition leader and Vanimo Green MP will also change. He should think about that.


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Bernard Corden

An interesting editorial in this week's edition of The Spectator Australia:

Paul Oates

There's an old adage that axiomatically observes: 'It's the empty vessel that makes the most noise!'

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