PNG must make people the centre of power
Two questions long struggled with

Old FARTS and Little SH*TS


Fight against ruining the Sepik
Stop harm in the Sepik

PanAust, 1/15 James Street in Fortitude Valley
Pukpuk LV handbags along every alley
Another Burlington Arcade so trendy and chic
The Sepik – A South Pacific Amazon
Once pristine but no longer unique

Panguna, Ok Tedi and Porgera goodbyes
Many rivers of tears amidst mountains of lies
Noken bagarapim Sepik
In Armani suits beneath corporate skies
With Thomas Pink shirts and Charles Tyrwhitt ties

JaggerSukundimi spirit - Lore not law amongst strolling bones
Many haus tambaran with mysterious homes
Its sprawling delta an enigmatic place
A Google map or Mick Jagger’s face
Lukautim gutpela em spesol ples
Fool To Cry or Start Me Up?


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Lindsay F Bond

"Here we go loop de loop..."
"You put your whole self in..."

No less than "an official website of the United States government", the National Institutes of Health of the USA promotes a mission "to discover how the environment affects people in order to promote healthier lives".


Good heavens, I hope I was moving in those dimensions and possibly direction when among the people of TP&NG some 50 years ago. It was fun mostly, and a mission for joy. Seriously too.

Around ten years ago, when scoping worth of a blog, I was quietly pleased to find verse advising watchful care, evoking image of grin conjuring that of a 'Cheshire cat'.

At that, a mirth and smile for me, was in having learned of a forebear male who enjoyed a career as a 'head gardener' in Shropshire (which county is between Cheshire and the Hereford that I had earlier visited).

Readers can confidently comment. Put your write hand in....

Philip Fitzpatrick

With due respect guys your rhyming efforts seem decidedly clunky - I think the word is doggerel.

I personally like good prose poetry as much as I like the traditional stuff.

Lindsay F Bond

Whom it tells
Rouse of yells
Beat it busts
Feat of trusts
Said it stays
Meant in haze
Wear it smirks
Length if works.

Chips Mackellar

Hooray! Hooray! At last. It's good to see you guys attempting to write decent poetry. It is a welcome change from the usual jumble of nonsense which these days purports to be poetry.
But just remember:

A poem should have a story to tell
Its lines must scan and they must rhyme well.
With a rhythm keen with an easy beat,
Like pounding hooves or marching feet,
With words that are plain and easy to say,
With meanings as clear as the light of day,
And intentions sharp and opinions strong,
And not too short, and not to long.

Bernard Corden

Ten-toea pes stap raunim boardroom tebol
Plenti sipsip flap na Johnnie Walker Blue Label
Gavman bikman dringim switwara blong bisnis faunten
Olgeta spak lo bikpela pati
Na ronowe go long handet maunten
Batagrisim tru ol niupela Maserati

Ten-toea faces at the boardroom table
Lots of lamb flaps & Johnnie Walker Blue Label
Political leaders drink sweet liquid from the corporate fountain
All get drunk at this fancy party
And clear off to 100 mountains
And absolutely total the new Maseratis - KJ

Lindsay F Bond

Sight not seen if you don't look
Spirited view in Corden's hook
Burdened poke at trade gone crook
Saddened stake in verse he took
Surged a stream, his worded brook.

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