Politik meri: Nahau Rooney’s haus krai
Beware, the Covid Quislings, they could kill you

Democracy suffers when media languish


NOOSA – There are many issues holding back the success and prosperity of the resource rich Papua New Guinea and its adept people.

Chief among them are the entrenched corruption and decision-making acumen that somehow seem to have failed the transition of social and political power from clan to country.

And this includes a failure to build effective information and media systems that are supportive of development and democracy.

Ahead of a new book on contemporary issues in PNG, these matters will be addressed by Dr Amanda Watson at a free public seminar in Canberra later this month at the Australian National University.

“Communication and information are essential to all aspects of life,” says Dr Watson, a research fellow in ANU’s Department of Pacific Affairs, who has taught at the University of Papua New Guinea and Divine Word University.

“Communication and information are crucial to governance and effective democracy," she says.

“A key component of a functioning democracy is a citizenry that is well informed and actively engaged in debates about government policies.

“In PNG, the mainstream media has a fragile freedom but does not carry out sufficient in-depth investigations.

“Urban residents are much more easily able to access the media than those living in rural villages.

“This presentation will explore the flows of communication and information in PNG,” Dr Watson says.

“It will also discuss how new technologies form an evolving part of the communication and information landscape in PNG.”

The presentation is part of the ANU-UPNG seminar series, a collaboration between the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy and the UPNG School of Business and Public Policy, supported by the PNG-Aus Partnership.


Date: Friday 27 August 2021
Time: 12.30pm–1.30pm
Venue: Acton Lecture Theatre, #132 JG Crawford Building, Lennox Crossing, Australian National Unit
Register now: Arichika Okazaki, [email protected], 02 6125 6805
Registration is open to the public and free
Full information here


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