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PNG people unlikely to reclaim birthright

In the now and here

Png-marine-reserveMICHAEL DOM

Thoughts in a day
are a measure,
acts are of being,
etched in its matrix,
as you and I are.

Dreams, the emancipation
of formless thought
awaiting conception
in the now and here
Who dares, lives them

Flee from tenuous bondage
Be free my friend
Take up thy hammer
Let thy stroke fall
as doth hands of time
ringing upon God's anvil
Let thy life be now and here
for one fleeting moment
resonated through creation

A breath is but this instant
then heard no more.
What now ask heaven
in quiet nocturnal view.
Do those cosmic lights
search for us too?

Created on 27 December 2007 at Labu Station in Lae; first published in The National newspaper's Writer's Forum


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Michael Dom

Thanks for the repost Keith.

I didn't see all those exclamation marks and don't know how they got there, probably some copy paste error from the old Windows file - will have to edit them out later.

The opening and closing stanza in this piece have always been very satisfying for me.

Share your aversion to exclamation marks, Michael. Mostly unnecessary if the writing is good enough. I have disappeared them. Love the poem - KJ

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