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ADELAIDE – While I fully agree with Keith Jackson's comments, The pandemic in Oz: Time for a reckoning’, I am pessimistic that the Morrison government will be ejected from office based upon the grievous failures Keith described so eloquently.

Basically, Scott Morrison can and will exploit the apathy, ignorance, credulity and fear of far too many Australians who will vote to ensure that government remains in what he will characterise as his 'safe hands'.

The usual denial, diversion and deflection strategies will be used to create the blizzard of bulldust required to evade or disguise responsibility for past failures.

The usual false tropes will be trundled out once more to argue about ‘how bad’ the opposition is at economic management.

Claims will be made that the government has 'a plan for the future’ despite the absence of any plan beyond staying in office.

The 'daggy dad' act will once again be deployed in an effort to create a favourable contrast with the opposition leader, who will be variously characterised as a former union hack or sinister socialist.

The equivalent of lamb flaps and beer will be promised to all and sundry, funded no doubt through grant programs that are perverted by the diversion of public funds to political need.

This style of operation will be familiar to Papua New Guineans who see it on display in every election.

Australian politics, at least at the federal level, will see pigs with snouts firmly in the trough getting ready to implore us to offer them more time at the important task of emptying it.

This seems likely to be our fate.

Only much further suffering seems likely to alert Australians to the true scale of the incompetence and fundamentally bad judgement that lies at the heart of the current federal government.


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Bernard Corden

Scott Morrison is living proof that a con man does not have to be smart if his victims are stupid enough.

Lindsay F Bond

Tuff nut is closer to the struth.
Labor gives him elbow room.

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