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News - taxi
It's unfair to stereotype taxi drivers as villains, Dominic says


No stereotyping, most taxi drivers are OK

| Modern Papua New Guinean
PORT MORESBY -There has been much negativity towards taxi drivers and their treatment of womenfolk, including some men claiming women's safety is not guaranteed in taxis.
I don't condone those few rough taxi drivers but I'd like to make it clear that not all taxi drivers atere that bad... it's just a few.
I'd like to share my experience of being a cabbie the other night. I was parked outside Paddy's waiting for customers and approached by a couple of university students to drop them off at Illusion so they could attend the UPNG Imbongu night.
It was around midnight when I picked them up - a male and three females.
We headed to town and I took them all to Illusion. After I dropped them off, one of the females, a young woman asked me to take her to Hohola 5 as she had too much drink and wanted to go home.
I drove all the way back towards Hohola 5, past Hohola Police station and as we approached TST, I checked to ask where exactly I should go but all I got as a response was a complete dead silence.
I turned on the cabin lights only to find her sleeping on the back seat. I banged the roof, yelled but couldn't wake her up. I was afraid to touch her to wake her so I thought the best place to take her was the police station. So I turned around and drove back there.
Luckily there we two cops on duty, including one from Hela, where I thought the young woman was from, so I explained the situation. When I turned on the cabin lights the police officer recognised her and talked to her when she woke up.
About 10 minutes after she woke up, the police asked me to drop her off so I drove to Hohola 5 and dropped her off at her house.
When she got out, she said, "Bro sorry, me nogat cab fare, bihain nambaut I'll pay."
I was so pissed off and frustrated after going to all that trouble and she had no money to pay.
Pissed but couldn't do much and my advice to her was, you're so lucky you got on my cab as I come from a district where we are peace-loving people and I brought you safely here although you were dead drunk, openim lek han na sleep karangi lo beksait.
If it had been the taxi drivers who that are making the headlines, I'm sorry young lady but UPNG save blo you na you bai go end up lo Morata swamp, so next time be careful when you are out and drunk.
After this personal experience, I can confidently say that not all taxi drivers will put your safety at risk. They are working day and night to take care of their families so they won't put their job at risk.
It's just like not all passengers are like this young lady. There are many drunk passengers who pay their cab fares.
So next time you want to put us all into the same basket because of one person's mistake, just know that not all men are the same. The action of one man or woman does not represent everyone.
News - Passingan
Tony Dama Marshall - carjacking didn't go to plan; but he's probably going to Bomana

Hard-core criminal caught after shooting

| The PNG News Page

PORT MORESBY - A notorious criminal linked to a shooting and carjacking incident has been arrested by police at Erima settlement in the National Capital District

Tony Dama Marshall, a hardened criminal wanted for a series of crimes, was caught in a massive police manhunt after a man was shot and his car stolen at Erima.

The victim sustained a bullet wound to his head and was rushed to hospital as police swung into action, combing through the settlement.

Metropolitan Superintendent Gideon Ikumu said the incident was broadcasted on the police radio network and the stolen car was spotted by Fox 204 at Erima.

Ikumu said the suspects jumped out of the moving vehicle and fled into the settlement.

Police reinforcements immediately joined the search and Marshall was eventually found, arrested and taken into custody.


This compensation nonsense must stop

News - Modern
Mi tingting olsem dispela waitpela bulmakau ibaim gutpela

| Modern Papua New Guinean

WHAT would you do if someone stabbed you for no good reason? Yeah, I know, you will definitely demand compensation.

What would you do if someone raped your mom? Yeah, I know, you will definitely demand compensation.

Where are we heading PNG? Are we objects? Can you purchase a life to wake your dead aunt?

Why are we blaming the government for law and order issues?

It's very simple. Let the law deal with those who breach it.

Here are three good reasons to ban compensation:

  1. We are making the law useless.

  2. We are making ourselves objects.

  3. We are encouraging people to breach the law because they know that compensation will set them free.


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Lindsay F Bond

No more the 'buy buy' flaw, which only means 'bye bye' law.
Maybe too, the word 'payback' hints at commercialising human life?

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