Hospitals struggle as PNG covid crisis deepens
Rick Giddings MBE OAM: An exceptional man

Keith has lost some wind from his sails, which will slow down PNG Attitude for a few days.
That said, your comments and other contributions are welcome and will be published.


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Kenny Pawa

Powerful man KJ.....Best wishes.

Daniel Kumbon

KJ, yu bai orait. Mi tu mi bin sik inap tupela wik. Mi stat kaikai aste (Friday) tasol. Sapos mi no kisim vaccine, mi save mi bai bagarap. Nao mi pilim orait.

I thought we would meet again after our time at the Grand Papua Hotel. Remember?

But Covid came along. This miserable pestilence. But I remain hopeful we will meet again so you can have your SP and I can have my glass of red cherries.

Sori tumas long sik blo yu, tupela wik ino liklik samting. Gutpla tingting long yu kisim marasin bipotaim. Ingrid na mi, Ben na femili, mipela olgeta kisim marasin pinis.

Ating bai mitupela bung gen mi drink bia na yu dring wara blo liklik retpla cheri prut na tok tu long olgeta samting long stretim olgeta hap graun.

Mi bin sik liklik na skin i les iet. Wik antap ol dokta sekim mi - sutim, askim, kisim piksa, ol samting. Bai mi stap gut. Ating bai mi lukim tain Covid i surik igo - KJ

Slim Kaikai

Same speed, bruda.

John Kuri

Wishing you a speedy recovery Keith.

Philip Kai Morre

I wish you a quick recovery. We are praying for you. May God protect you.

Michael Lorenz

Best wishes Keith.

Baka Bina

Keith - You have been good for us and a mountain for us. It's daunting but to know that landslides do happen as the walk into the sunset continues.

Please do get well.

AG Satori

KJ, sori long harim olsem paia igo down liklik tasol mipela igat bilip olsem bai yu kikbeck gut wantaim nupela strong.

Paul Oates

Best wishes Keith.

Joe Herman

Keith, wishing you a speedy recovery.

Ross Wilkinson

Get well Keith, we need another good argument.

Chips Mackellar

Best wishes, Keith

Harry Topham

Keith - Plenty of unwanted wind down Buderim way, euphemistically speaking; I’ll send some up pronto.

Ed Brumby

Get well soon, Poro!

Peter Salmon

Get better Keith, it's your shout next.

Garrett Roche

Keith, wishing you a speedy recovery. Also this is an opportunity to acknowledge your great contribution to remembering, recording and documenting life in PNG.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Good luck and hang in there Keith - we need you.

William Dunlop

Get well soon, Keith. One of my neighbours is 80 and like us suffers a lot of pain.

He still runs his nursery which is near our estate, commuting by electric wheelchair, and takes his plants to the weekend markets.

He told me last week he is now pain-free. He got a prescription for pharmaceutical cannabis oil, tried it, two drops under his tongue morning and night. He now swears by it.

I shall talk to my physician on my next visit. Slantie.

Bernard Corden

I wish the Bard of Treacle Town well and a speedy recovery.

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