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Covid & the affliction of untrained pastors


KUNDIAWA – I commend Michael Kabuni on his fine article, Do we pay too much reverence to pastors, about the problems we experience every day with some pastors and street preachers.

Most pastors from Pentecostal churches are not educated in either biblical studies or science, and being neither scientists nor medical doctors they are not educated in the causes, effects and treatment of disease or in how vaccines work.

They have fixed and false beliefs, they tell lies and they mislead people. Knowledgeable scientific and medical explanation of Covid-19 is lacking.

How can we stop such false and misleading information that has such sinister impacts on the general population - on people who are ignorant and lack scientific knowledge?

Such ignorance of the medical sciences and the failure to understand the causes, effects and treatment of sickness affects a lot of innocent lives.

In science and medicine, we understand that most diseases have a known etiology and known outcomes, including death.

When vaccines are manufactured in laboratories, they must go through clinical trials and testing - first with animals, then human beings. There is prudent and careful scientific analysis.

Vaccines have to be certified and approved by leading medical authorities like the World Health Organisation and other medical and scientific organisations or boards in various countries before being used.

The substantial clinical trials establish scientific data and what safety measures may be required. Standard measurements verify a vaccine's proven ability.

After administering the vaccines, there is monitoring of patients for safety and effectiveness.

We know from worldwide experience that the Covid vaccines work to keep people safe and reduce the harm to people who do catch the disease. They can help eliminate the pandemic.

We also face another problem with pastors.

When a pastor prays over a sick person, the sickness is said to be magically taken away so the sick person is free from Covid or HIV/AIDS or some other similar serious illness.

These so-called ‘miracle pastors’ create more problems as sick people are then allowed to mix freely in the population, spreading disease and causing further serious health dilemmas.

I have heard from preachers, who are conspiracy theorists, that the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 is produced in laboratories in Wuhan, China, and is a biological weapon to wipe out the human race.

There is serious doubt about how scientific those pastors are but those who hear them accept what they say as true because of ignorance.

Preachers and conspiracy theorists also blame Bill Gates, the Pope, the Vatican, president Biden of the United States and others as responsible for the virus.

Others preach that 5G telecommunications is the cause of Covid without knowing that God gave scientists the intellectual ability to create communication technology.

Other diseases like cancer, diabetes, TB, asthma and memory loss are also attributed to 5G.

The problem in Papua New Guinea at the moment is that there is no theological board to approve and certify pastors or to ordain people as preachers. 

These people lack proper theological training and confuse themselves and others with false theology and scientific explanation of events. They make fools of themselves in the scientific world.

In Pentecostal churches, as long as you are a believer and a faithful Christian you can be approved and ordained as a pastor.

The four mainstream churches - Catholic, United, Anglican and Lutheran - are members of the Melanesian Association of Theological Studies (MATS) and their degrees and diplomas are approved by MATS after many years of study.

In the Catholic seminary, after Grade 12 a person requires another six years studying theology and philosophy before being certified for ordination.

This means priests and pastors in the mainstream churches do not spread conspiracy theories or false information concerning Covid-19 or other things.

They have embraced scientific knowledge and their preaching is based on God’s salvation and of Christ’s teaching of faith, hope and love.


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Wardley Barry

Morre, you would be surprised to know that every denomination does not conform to each of the others' doctrines.

That's the reason we have so many denominations to begin with. Lutherans became Lutherans because they disagreed with the Catholic church on doctrinal points. The same with Methodists, Baptists and others.

The same is true for the SDA church. It's the doctrines that define and distinguish denominations. So I don't understand how doctrinal and interpretational conformity is relevant.

As far as I know, the official position of the church does not discourage Covid vaccination. What you hear from street preachers is not the church's view.

Moreover, the teachings of the church do not encourage conspiracy theories. In every religious organisation you would have radicals, and the SDA church in PNG has been greatly misrepresented by such people.

Philip Kai Morre

Even thou SDA is a member of Melanesian Association of Theological Studies (MATS) they do not conform with other churches doctrines. Their interpretation of the scripture is quite different from other churches. They normally go against established churches doctrines. They are the main ones who go against Covid 19 vaccines and spread of conspiracy theory.

Wardley Barry

We should add a fifth denomination to Philip Kai Morre's list: the Seventh Day Adventist church is a member of the Melanesian Association of Theological Studies.

Bernard Corden

Meanwhile in Australia, the man handpicked by Scott Morrison to chair the National COVID-19 Commission Advisory Board has been charged with breaching coronavirus border rules.

Mr Neville Power, 63, a former Fortescue Metals chief executive, spearheaded the NCCC for six months – a job which came with a $267,345 salary.

Neville Power had been leading Australia’s plans for post-COVID economic recovery. Now he is facing court – and the prospect of jail – after allegedly flying in a private helicopter from Queensland to Perth via Exmouth, Carnarvon and Geraldton, which is significantly further than Melbourne to Geelong.

Arthur Williams

Shops: No Shoes, no Shirt, No Service
Plebs: Ok – No problem

Driving: Must wear seat belt
Plebs: No problem

OSHA: When working in certain places you must wear safety equipment.
Plebs: Ok!

Airport: You must remove your shoes, your belt, anything in your pocket and pass through the X-Ray machine.
Plebs: No problem.

In plane: Be seated and fasten your seatbelt with table in upright when we are taking off.
Plebs: Ok, no problem.

Transport: No smoking allowed
Plebs: No problem

Grocery: Please wear a mask to protect you, other customers and our staff.
Plebs: How dare you take away my personal liberties..

Paul sent me similar one to this today.

Philip Fitzpatrick

I thought this was an excellent piece when I read it as a comment on an earlier story. I still think that.

See this article from 'The Conversation' today which reinforces a lot of what Philip says:

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