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Juffa: I had Covid; I nearly died alone

Gary Juffa
Gary Juffa - " many of our people are dying in unprecedented numbers"

| Governor Oro Province

GLASGOW - My dear fellow Papua New Guineans, I am not forcing you to take the vaccine, I am just asking you to consider it.

So many of our people are dying in unprecedented numbers.

I can’t speak for others, but I have lost too many friends and family in such a short span of time that I am breathless with grief.

No sooner is one gone, and we are in shock and grieving, then the next death is announced.

They are sadly gone and we can no longer show them how much they mean to us and for sure their closest loved ones are left with the pain, misery and having to cope without them.

Gary Juffa with young brother Seija
Gary with younger brother Seija

You have your right to decide for yourself, I agree.

But your daughter and son and loved ones deserve you to be around for them too.

They need you during those important moments of their life, during their highlights, and also moments of uncertainty and darkness when they need your strength and love and courage.

I expect you to be angry or cynical of the vaccine and even Covid itself.

But consider the fact you have just one life.

One life to share with those who need you and those who love you and you love.

That is all.

Consider this one life and all the good you can do whilst you can.

I was hesitant too. I was skeptical too. But I got Covid. I felt how awfully close it can come to dying alone.

I got the vaccine. Because others would watch me and make their decision on how I acted.

Knowing this I took the vaccine after I recovered. Many followed and I am grateful that they were afforded greater protection and perhaps survived.

Gary Juffa & Sir David Attenborough  Nov 2021
Gary and Sir David Attenborough in Glasgow this week - "I have no energy left from grieving for the beloved family and friends I have just lost"

I see them with their children and how much they are loved and cherished…and I am glad I did the right thing and that they have too.

Please consider those who love you and care for you and need you.

For parents, only you as a parent can give our child the best protection, care and love more than anyone else. If not for yourself, do it for them.

I am not willing to debate or engage in arguments, I have no energy left from grieving for the beloved family and friends I have just lost.


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Lindsay F Bond

Apology to Governor Gary Juffa, whose remarkably candid disclosure deserves viewing again and again to help people come to understand both the calamity that is brought to all humans by the emergence of the virus Covid-19, and the sense of responsibility all persons need share in to enable human health to thrive.

Here this comment diverges to another 'viral' development that requires attention:


“For what” is the question about paying salaries and emoluments to 130,000 public servants.

For instance, in an answer, the nation has come to rely upon 'spillage' of the 'drop' it drinks.

Question then becomes what of the constitutional aim of equity?

Then it will be realised there may be no saving of expenditure, only recast of distribution.

And the challenge will become, of what value-set is the platform for honorable distribution.

Please note 'drop' usually refers to liquid, alcoholic and intoxicating, and while spillage may be innocent, many hands in that tilt won't be innocent.

Lindsay F Bond

Loop report to be essential reading for PNG folk? Most heartening.

Great photo of PNG delegation. Now who was that at left of Gov. Gary?

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