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TIPNG founding director Richard Kassman OBE
TIPNG founding director Richard Kassman OBE speaks at the relaunch of the Community Coalition Against Corruption on International Anti-Corruption Day last week

| Transparency International PNG

PORT MORESBY - Ahead of next year’s national elections and amid Papua New Guinea citizens’ concerns about governance and corruption, Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) has relaunched the Community Coalition Against Corruption.

Initially co-founded by TIPNG and the Media Council of PNG in 2002 with the support of churches, chambers of commerce, the Ombudsman Commission and the office of the Public Solicitor, the Coalition is a collective community network committed to standing together against the evil of corruption.

“At its core, it’s is a model for national unity against corruption,” said TIPNG chair Peter Aitsi.

“While we are aware of many other organisations in PNG doing great work in specific sectors of our community, the Coalition is as a platform on which we can join hands and present a unified voice against corruption.

“Informed civic participation is necessary for good governance,” he said.

“The fight against corruption is not one which can be fought singlehanded, and lasting results can only be achieved if we work together.

“We encourage interested organisations to join this initiative and take collaborative action against corruption in our communities.”

Over the years, the Coalition has led a number of successful campaigns of national significance including the initial War on Corruption Campaign launched just before the 2002 national elections.

In the years since it has mobilised public opinion against the Maladina amendments to the Leadership Code (2005) as a result of which the amendments were not passed, successfully rallied against the deferral of the national election (2012) and campaigned on the Special Agriculture and  Business Lease (SABL) controversy and the Borneo Pharmaceuticals contract.

While TIPNG plays an administrative role in the Coalition, the members themselves determine its operations, agenda and priorities.

Organisations interested in joining the Community Coalition Against Corruption can contact TIPNG here: [email protected]



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Henry C Sims | Expatriate 1969-75

OK. As an individual, I am not what you want (being 'organisations'). But please know I would like to be in the fight against corruption which is so prevalent in PNG since we Territorians were kicked out.

Our replacements have not cured the ill which cripples your independent nation.

Nor have you nationals.

But the fight against this blight must continue.

How can an interested individual contribute?

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