Miserly Australia cuts Pacific aid again
Keeping up with Covid (& its bad brokers)


If you are eagled-eyed, you vill spot something unusual about this message, to vit, the letter ‘w’ seems to have disappeared. It has been joined by the number  [tvo],  the rather useful [at] vhich is used in emails and the high performing general of the keyboard, the delete key. For this brief message I have replaced the [double-you] vith its one-legged first cousin, the v, because it vas too much trouble cut and pasting double-you each time it demanded inclusion. Vith my computer is dying one key at a time there as a resultant need to replace, upgrade, learn, transfer and generally stuff around vith a nev technology (once to hand).  This is clearly going to affect productivity here at Attitude Central especially as the ME/CFS monkey has decided to have a Christmas party in my brain. I'll do my best to keep things moving - KJ



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Jimmy Awagl

Angra Keith - I lost my contact with email. Use this new address ([email protected]). You can contact me on this email. Pass it on to Phil as well. Merry Christmas to you and family.

Ross Wilkinson

Alas, Keith, my problem is fat fingers and a fading memory (mine that is not the computer's).

To Keith, your family and all the contributors and readers of Attitude, may you all have a merry Festive Season and a better 2022.

William Dunlop

Keith here's tay yea ain meir like yea; wishing yea ain yours a Merry Xmas ain a salubrious new year; fray youn auld Darwinite, fray yea auld sod. Slainte

harry topham

Keith and Family
All the best for the festive season,
Your computer has probably contracted old tiimers disease or it just could be a case of the keyboard dying from over hammering

Bernard Corden

Dear Editor,

You have been reading The Grauniad too much

Chips Mackellar

Never mind the computer Keith, just have a happy Christmas. You deserve it.
So Happy Christmas from all of us.

Baka Bina

Taim bilong spak and hamamas.
Bel isi iken stap wantaim komputa.
em go long self isolasin o wonem.
tokim em long kisim dabol dos sut.


Komputa blo mi ino lapun
Tasol ilusim olgeta tus blo em
Ating, 'Ah komputa mi save,
yu kaikaim swit suka tumas’
Komputa itok, 'Nogat, tasol
pinga blo yu ihevi tumas'

Chris Overland

In the movies, the nasty Gestapo agent always says 'Vee haf vays of making you talk', so perhaps your keyboard is becoming German?

Trotzdem denke ich, dass Sie möglicherweise einen neuen Computer benötigen.

Lindsay F Bond

Surprise every day when the topic comes with PNG Attitude.

Sounds like 'too-v/vit too-v/voo", and curiously eyes are on bird.

See: https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/wildlife-explorer/birds/birds-prey/tawny-owl

Ahem, for a quote, "tawny owl can famously turn their head through 270 degrees ...able to look behind them...their forward-facing eyes cannot move in their sockets, so they must turn their heads instead."

Head turning is all part of attitude with awareness. Roost, oops, rest easily Keith. On to too-o-too-too.

Cheeky buggar- KJ

Michael Dom

Merry Christmas Keith.

Take it easy.

Expect some new writing from me in the New Year.

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