What did Whitlam ever do for us?
Woody Guthrie’s New Year resolutions

Father Daughter Bond


This poem is dedicated to my stepdaughter who,
against her will, was taken away from me

That faraway mountain in the east
Lazy clouds drift by it slowly
Amongst the white lime rocks
There, in a little old grey hut
My dearest little girl plays in mud
Daddy longs for you with throbbing heart

Daddy misses everything of you
Misses you waiting at the gate
Misses your hugs and little kisses
Misses waving arms of greeting and goodbye
Misses your sweet, persistent call of ‘Daddy’
Daddy misses you, his heart in shreds

Daddy's girlAs those clouds drift slowly by
You seem to drift away from Daddy
But our bond is stretched not broken
Memories refreshed by photos so dear
Distant voices on cellphone, tears unseen
Daddy misses daughter, and vice versa

At the sprawling foot of Mt Elimbari
Be sturdy, shine like its limestone
A limestone shine for family and clan
The mountain stands immovable, so shall you
My dear daughter, Macklyn Joe
Your Daddy wishes you the very best

As you grow and Daddy passes on
And you understand the bond we share
The meaning of Daddy's persistence and tears
Sacrifices he met to keep the bond strong
The truth of love will shine on your heart
With never ending tears, you will lament.
I love you, Daddy


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Bernard Corden

Another splendid piece Joseph.

Dirikonowa wo mogri kaite (Happy New Year).

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