Buy a sarif, there’s a heritage to protect
A pity so few of our poems come in translation

The god of truth is dead so speak your own

TrusttruthMICHAEL DOM                                                     

The truth does not belong to you, my dear,
It lives and breathes inside us all. And what
You say is yours to speak, for which you dare
Force us to share, when a fraction of it
Does not compute the sum of nor compare
To the fullness of life, where each remits
The pain of being. If truth exists, we bear
The weight, we each, so if each one is fit
Be wary of your words, your vice declares
Itself in the nature of being. Know that.

But say the wise, just speak your truth, no fear,
We shall force the mathematics to fit.
God is dead. Truth is whatever you care,
The truth we speak need not care about that.


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Michael Dom

Em nau mi tanim Tok Pisin long dispela poem long em iken karai olsem tok-singsing long nek bilong yumi iet. Na yu pilim tu o?

Anutu i dai, tok tru blong yu iet

Tok tru em ino blong yu wan, poro
Em stap insait long yumi olgeta
Na yu laik strongim tingting blong yu iet
Antap long mipela, em bai sotwin
Long kamapim mak stret, na stap wankain
Long as tru blong laip, we olgeta bai
Pilim pen. Sapos tok tru em istap
Yumi wanwan baimbai karim hevi.
Stretim toktok blong yu, em bai tok aut
Long asua blong yu iet long ples graun.

Na saveman itok, mekim tok tru
Blong yu iet, bai yumi sutim igo.
Anutu i dai. Laik blong yu i tru.
Tok tru blong yumi inogat wari.

(Lae, 5 June 2022)

Michael Dom

In fact, this poem is a sonnet. Thank you for your participation, Lindsay and Johnny.

Johnny Blades

The truth is this poem is good

Michael Dom

I think that we are not creators of truth but rather we are participants in it.

One cannot bend the reality of a multiverse to one's own ends, in much the same way as a poem ends when it is done with the poet's words to express it's full meaning - participation is required for the expression of truth.

The ancient sages named this act 'god'. Who then owns it? Or how does it die?

Lindsay F Bond

Relativity in earnest of truth puts reality in multiverses yet few as favourable as those by Michael

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