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Vomit Flavoured Ice Cream

| Ples Singsing

In loving memory of Green Eggs & Ham by Dr Seuss

I do not like vomit flavoured ice cream
Vomit flavour is not in my dreams
And if I were to taste it I think I would scream
Please don’t count me on your vomit-flavour team

Many other people dislike it too
But I’m sure there’s someone and maybe it’s you
Who likes vomit flavoured ice cream
And maybe you dream and scream for it too

Some people chew buai and swallow the juice
Others spit the stuff out and that looks quite gross
Some people think buai tastes like vomit – their choice
Because I love the taste and always rejoice

But then again, I don’t like nuts in ice cream
I think putting nuts in ice cream is really mean
Though my bestie loves that stuff and is always keen
To eat nuts in ice cream until she turns green

She dislikes me gargling buai all day
I chew my buai and swallow the juice
But serve vomit flavoured ice cream and I’ll puke right away
Sometimes we can’t help what we like or choose


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Bernard Corden

"We're a government that believes in everybody having the illusion of free will -" Anthony Burgess

Lindsay F Bond

Stunning again of Michael. Never reverse. Serve it up.
Shunning? Of gross to some, who gives such terse a toss?
Running metre mirrors Michael's prosody prods.

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