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KANDEP, ENGA - One of the most deceptive acts for a member of parliament in Papua New Guinea is to use taxpayers or government money to win back their seats at an election.

But for any person to use money to bribe people to vote for a particular candidate is wrong and it is illegal.

It is also something we are likely to see a lot of during this year’s national election which kicks off in June.

I’m already hearing rumours about how candidates will use money in this election as a political ploy for their own advantage and not for the benefit of the people.

As a Papua New Guinean who wants to see transparency and honesty, I want to make known through PNG Attitude these deceptive plans for politicians to distort the people’s will.

I’d like readers to disseminate the message that people should use their knowledge to vote for the right candidates who will peacefully lead this great nation and contribute to the prosperity of all the people.

Money is not itself deceptive; it’s how people use money that can be very wrong.

PNG is getting ready and looking forward to the coming election which will appoint new leaders of this nation for the next five years.

Current members of parliament are also preparing. I’m writing this article from the perspective of a Highlander because I don’t know how coastal people choose to vote. I hope bribery is not widespread.

I believe a leader who uses money to win back his seat is not a true leader; he is a crooked leader.

Leadership is not about using money to bribe people and take away their true freedom of choice.

PNG is a free nation and leaders need to respect the power of choice for all citizens.

People must understand when a leader uses money to con people. They must watch out for liars who will not lead but surely mislead the people they represent in parliament.

I know for sure that certain MPs are preparing to do this. They are budgeting money to bribe people to cast votes for them with money that doesn’t belong to them.

I’m not happy that this money rightfully belongs to people and the politicians kept it without providing the services and the assets the money was allocated for.

The money has been withheld until the election to bribe people to cast their votes for them.

As a concern citizen of this nation, I want to remind my PNG Attitude readers to share this concern in their respective areas.

Members of parliament or candidates planning to use money, especially government money, to bribe people in this election are not good leaders.

I call this practice the ‘Politician’s Deceptive Plan’ because you should never get on the leadership ladder through deceptive means, you must get their because you are honest, listen to the people and make sure you are looking after them.

This is the only right way.

Justin Kundalin

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