Of Ulli Beier, Obotunde Ijimere & M. Lovori
The amazing, absurd & shocking story of Port Moresby

‘Christ smelled like a king….’

Graphic by Greg Rosenke


The inspiration for this poem came as Dr Unia Api,
a lecturer at Pacific Adventist University, spoke in
chapel to Sonoma Adventist College theology
students on Wednesday
16 March, 2022 - SD

At Simon’s saddest banquet feast,
a costly perfume of purest nard
was poured on the body of Christ.
The sparkling oil flowing down,
and aroma sweet filling the room;
‘Christ smelled like a king’

In Gethsemane’s garden of woe,
every drooping tree and flower,
every blade of grass and pebble,
And even the traitor called Judas,
including the lurking demonic legions,
smelled of the residue of sweet perfume;
‘Christ smelled like a king’

In Pontius Pilates’ judgement hall,
as the gawking multitude roared
and spewed their deadly venom,
calling for His innocent blood,
Pilate sensed the purest scent;
‘Christ smelled like a king.’

Upon Golgotha’s rugged stony hill,
as thieves hung in torment suspended,
dying for lowly crimes of commission,
As Palestine’s sun burned into their flesh,
In agonising moments of an eking life,
They beheld the crucified Son of God;
‘Christ smelled like a king’

The entranceway of Joseph’s tomb,
The carved wall crafted by many hands,
The grave clothes used to cover Him,
The trembling soldiers guarding all,
‘Satan holds the keys of death,’ they said;
‘Christ smelled like a king’

A aroma






Affirmed by all who saw Him there,
Dying thieves hanging alongside,
A betrayer who’d kissed Him lightly,
Pilate who the death verdict gave,
The crowds who thronged Calvary.
Oh, trembling soldiers, demons, devil;
‘Christ smelled like a king.’


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arthur williams

Thanks Simon
It's an Easter gift for my chapel

Simon Davidson

Hi Arthur - You can use the poem in your chapel talk. Permission granted.

Arthur Williams

Simon what a thrill to read your poem here in the middle of Lent. Would you have any objection to my using it in my local chapel next week.
I will provide full details of it being your personal work and that it is published in PNG Attitude.

Please advise via email or on this site


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