PNG govt spending not being accounted for
In the Pacific, growing wariness of China

You may or may not have noticed a tendency to slackness in providing the usual fare
over recent times. Entirely due to the publisher experiencing a rough patch which,
he hopes with a certain desperation, will pass as quickly as the autumn storm it feels like - KJ


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Dominica Are

Get well soon dear Keith. Sending my heartfelt wishes and prayers your way!

Bernard Corden

Late Score:

Neasden FC 0 v Noosa Septuagenarians 77

Attendance: 3 (Sid and Doris Bonkers; Knacker of the Yard)

(sgd) E I Addio

Emmanuel Strobes writes....

It was looking so good for Neasden until just over two minutes into the match when goalie Lunchtime O'Boulez Jr, suffering a hangnail problem, temporarily lost sight of the ball which was lodged in the back of the net. Neasden went on to lose its eighth consecutive game, including five in a row - KJ

Ian Poole

May you be blessed with the sunny side of autumn, Keith, you well deserve it!

Slim Kaikai

Double Dose of The Holy Ghost 2 U!
Strongpela marn!
Ghost who walks...uya!
Tanx and cheers.

Philip Kai Morre

May God's blessings be yours Keith. You have done so much for us and also you feel the pain but only God will reward you.

Baka Bina

Keith o gutpela mahn, Bikpela bai givim yu strong long kamap gut hariap. Mipela olgeta i tingim yu long tingting na long beten.

Joe Herman

Keith, mi prea bai yu kisim bek strong hariap. Kind regards.

Richard E. Jones

Get well soon, KJ. Missing your pithy comments as well as your articles.

E. Brumby says he's passed three score and 17. You must be closing in on four score.

I've passed that mark and closing in on four score and two mid-year.

Best wishes, KJ.

Justin Kundalin

Keith thanks for letting us know. I know God is in control and I pray that you'll get better soon and return to your desk and continue with your tremendous task in developing up coming writers in PNG and abroad by publishing their articles at PNG Attitude website. God bless you.

Robin Hide

Keith, very best wishes for a quick and full recovery!

Daniel Kumbon

Mi, Julie na famili bilong mi bilip na prea olsem yu bai orait. Best wishes KJ.

Kindin Ongugo

Get well soon, Keith. We are already missing your presence. Best wishes and God Bless.

Ed Brumby

Thinking of you, Keith and wishing you a strong and speedy recovery....

Philip Fitzpatrick

That's an eclectic band of well-wishers Keith - a veritable Dad's Army. When you get back on deck, as I'm sure you will, you'll need to charm the ladies a tad more.

harry topham

PS You might need to get a bit of the old Chia seed spread on your cereal in the mornings. Must say I was a sceptic to this old remedy cure for immobility but now since becoming an adherent I find it definitely gets me up and running (well almost)

Wm Dunlop

Best wishes, Keith, Take care and trust you'll be better soon. I'm likewise on the mend, Slantie.

Paul Oates

Very best wishes Keith. Your help over the years has been very much appreciated.

Bernard Corden

Justinian Forthemoney and the team from Carter Ruck & Associates and Sue Grabbit & Runne also wish for a speedy recovery.

Lord Gnome and EJ Thribb have asked me to convey their thanks. Invoice following - 'Remote Controller' (continued on page 94)

Bernard Corden

Get well soon Keith.

Ross Wilkinson


We understand, we are patient (well, almost) and we wish you a speedy return to better health.

Garry Roche

Keith - Many thanks for all you have done over the past many years. And hope you regain your strength.

Myself, i have not much energy these times. We are all getting older.

Lindsay F Bond

PNG Attitude is of ‘simply the best’
Health of a nation is being put to tough test.
Observers rally round to do more than just stare
Supporting efforts of folk, full bent for their care.
A KJ facilitates, and warrants with wise words
Readers respond rightly of what KJ incurs
All comes at cost of time wealth health and ploy
thus this salute is for KJ to enjoy

Harry Topham

Toes up and full steam ahead, we miss your inputs, Captain.

Chris Overland

I very much hope that you will be feeling a lot better soon Keith. Kindest regards.

Chips Mackellar

Hope you get better soon, Keith. We miss you.
Best wishes.

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